When you retire is up to you – you might have a date already in mind or you might want to phase things around the State Pension age and wind down your career more gradually. If you have a pension with Standard Life, you will be contacted about options for an income from your pension at retirement. Do remember that your pension may not be your only source of income in retirement. Whether or not you have a pension with Standard Life, we can help you understand how to maximise your income in retirement including ensuring you don’t pay more tax than you need to.


5 years before

When approaching retirement you should have a deeper look into your pension as you still have time to make some changes if necessary. Here is what we recommend you do in order to help ensure you're on top of everything:

  1. Start by looking at your pension plan value with our online servicing
  2. Use our pension calculator to see the projected value of your plan  
  3. Have a look through our Retirement section which has handy tips and guides 
  4. Our financial advice page may help 


1 year before

If you’re thinking about retiring and want to explore your options, you can get an idea of your income in retirement from all your money, and speak to a qualified adviser about your situation through our Retirement Advice service. Your initial consultation is free, with competitive fees for our advice if you decide to put the plan we recommend for you into action.

Find out about Retirement Advice


6 months before

If you are a Standard Life customer, we’ll send information to help you make decisions about your income in retirement.

If you have more complex financial needs and would like to find out more about your options please visit our Financial Advice page.

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