The value of investments can go down as well as up and you could get back less than was paid in.

Why invest?

Investing gives your money the chance to grow. While investing can seem like a big decision, it can bring a number of benefits over simply saving your money. How much you get back depends on three main things: how much you pay in, how the different types of investments you choose perform (taking away any charges you'll pay) and how long you're invested for.

You can learn a bit more about investing and why it could be a good idea for you by reading our investing basics guide.

Investments guides

When it comes to investing, it's really important that you think about what's right for you. Our investment guides give you things to think about before you start investing or they can be a refresher if you're reviewing your investments:

Investing with Standard Life

The right investment choice for you might be different to the right investment choice for someone else. That’s why we have different options to suit you no matter how much or little support you want.

Explore our investment options.

Once you’ve made your investment choices, it’s important that you continue to review them regularly. Why? Well, you want to make sure your investments stay on track to meet your goals and circumstances. You can take a look at where you’re invested and review your investment options by logging in   .

Investment tools

With our investment tools, you can explore fund options and check how much risk you're comfortable taking with your investments.

Check specific funds

Use our fund filter to find out more about available funds and download factsheets.

Assess your attitude to risk

Our tool can help you decide what level of investment risk you’re comfortable with.