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Whether you're new to technology or looking to build your skills, we have a wide range of guides and videos that can help you. We hope these will make doing things online seem a little less overwhelming.

We want to concentrate on the key skills everyone needs to build digital confidence and make the most of the technology that's out there.


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We have partnered with Good Things Foundation who have developed a free online platform to help you gain basic digital skills and make the most of our online world.

Learn My Way is packed with over 100 topics covering the basics of using a device through to using email, social media, video calling, shopping online and managing your money online.

These short bite-sized topics are suitable for people who are looking for digital skills support, allowing everyone to benefit from using digital devices and accessing essential online services.

Learn My Way is a much better experience when you register but it is optional. Registering is quick and easy and means you can access all the learning topics and track your progress.

You can access these topics below without registering:

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