A pension is a long-term investment. Its value could go down as well as up and could be worth less than was paid in.

There are two ways to invest

Option 1 - Ready made

If you want to keep things simple, one option is our Sustainable Multi Asset Universal (10 year) Strategic Lifestyle Profile.

Get ready for retirement automatically

This option automatically adjusts how your personal pension is invested as you approach your selected retirement date.

  • More than 10 years from retirement – your money is invested in a fund designed to grow the value of your pension pot over time
  • 10 years from retirement – your money starts to gradually move into funds that are usually lower-risk and begins to prepare your money for how you plan to take it 

Everyone is different. Depending on your plans, other lifestyle profiles or investment funds may be a better fit. Check our Fund Guide and ask a financial adviser if you're not sure.

Responsibly invested

This option is focused on growing your pension, so we'll look at areas of responsible investing that we believe can achieve this.

This means we'll avoid investing in companies that could present a risk, such as those involved in things like controversial weapons or tobacco production. We’ll also invest more in companies that could provide an opportunity, like those focused on carbon reduction and green technology.

Option 2 - Choose your own investments

You can choose your own investments from our full fund range. It’s worth considering whether you have the time and experience to keep on top of your investments. Ask a financial adviser if you’re not sure.

  • 300+ funds to choose from (including other lifestyle profiles)
  • Switch whenever you like (for no charge)
  • Includes a Shariah option (the SL HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index Pension Fund)

Your charges will depend on the funds you choose. You may get a larger discount once you have more than £25,000 in your personal pension.

See how much your pension pot could be worth

Include other pensions or a one-off payment
Your pot could be worth
at retirement
These figure are illustrative only. See important information and assumptions for details.

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