The value of all investments can go down as well as up and could be worth less than was paid in. We recommend that you regularly review your investments to make sure they remain appropriate for you and they're on track to meet your goals.

What is MyFolio?

MyFolio options are a simple way to invest in pensions. All you need to do is decide how much risk you're comfortable taking, then choose the MyFolio option best suited to you. A team at abrdn will do the rest - you don't have to actively manage your investments.

The experts will:

  • Decide what your chosen option should invest in and when

  • Make sure it doesn’t take any more or less risk than you said you were comfortable with

  • Aim to produce the best possible returns for the level of risk you’ve chosen

  • Consider how environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are applied

How to pick which MyFolio option is right for you

It's easy to work out which option could best suit your goals and how you feel about risk. Just follow these two steps:

1. Decide how much risk you’re comfortable taking. You choose the risk level most appropriate for you:
Lower riskLower to medium riskMedium riskMedium to higher riskHigher risk1234554321

If you’re not sure which risk level is right for you, our risk questionnaire might help. 

2. Select your option and let the team at abrdn do the rest

That’s it. They’ll get on with managing the option you’ve chosen. And make sure it continues to do what it should be doing.



MyFolio is a global, diversified investment

The team at abrdn which manages the MyFolio options uses different types of investments from across the globe. Then they invest them to try to get the best possible returns for the level of risk you're comfortable taking.



Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and MyFolio

As the MyFolio options are actively managed, the team integrate ESG considerations into their investment management process. This gives them the information and flexibility to take account of ESG factors when they select investments for their portfolios.

You can find out more about how Standard Life approaches ESG  on our dedicated page.

Other MyFolio funds and lifestyle profiles are also available.

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See how the MyFolio options are doing

You can find out more about the MyFolio Managed Strategic Lifestyle Profiles below:

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