The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than was paid in.

How to assess your attitude to risk

This questionnaire can help you understand your attitude to risk, but there are some limits:


  • It’s designed to help you decide for yourself and shouldn’t be taken as advice
  • It doesn’t look at things like how old you are, what your financial goals are, or how much money you might be able to lose while investing
  • It only covers risk. You should also consider things like how long you plan to invest for, and when you think you might take some of your money

If you’re not sure how to invest, consider getting professional retirement advice. There will likely be a cost for this.


This quick independent questionnaire will provide you 
with a score that will help you understand your 
investment risk appetite.It is not suitable for people 
who are not willing to take any investment risk.


It has been developed by Oxford Risk, an independent team of leading psychology academics originating from Oxford University.

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