The value of all investments can go down as well as up and could be worth less than was paid in. We recommend that you regularly review your investments to make sure they remain appropriate for you and they're on track to meet your goals.

Easy, sustainable investment options

Our sustainable multi asset investment options target how you plan to take your money at retirement.

You don't need to do the hard work - teams of experts will make the investment decisions for you now and in the future.

They're lifestyle profiles that are designed to make it easy for you to save into your pension plan. Although you should still review your investments to make sure they remain on track and right for your plans. 

There are four options to choose from. Sustainable Multi Asset Universal Strategic Lifestyle Profile (SLP) is generally suitable for the majority of pension savers. Our three additional lifestyle profiles make sure we have all the main bases covered as you approach retirement.

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  Focusing on growth 


Aims for long-term growth, with a strong emphasis in the early years

Our sustainable multi asset investment options focus on growing your pension pot mainly in the early years of your investment journey. At this stage, there’s a strong emphasis on investing in equities (stocks and shares). These have the potential for high growth however they can go up or down significantly in value over the short term. This is known as volatility. When you’re invested in a lifestyle profile, your money’s gradually and automatically moved into carefully chosen funds designed to reflect how you plan to take your pension savings.

See how the Sustainable Multi Asset Growth Pension Fund has been doing.

These options invest responsibly

We take an enhanced approach to responsible investing. There are many different ways to invest responsibly and what's considered 'responsible' can vary from person to person. We're focused on growing your pension so we’ll look at areas of responsible investing that we believe can achieve this. This means we'll avoid investing in companies that could present a risk; for example, those involved in activities such as controversial weapons or tobacco production. We’ll also invest more in companies that could provide an opportunity, like those focused on carbon reduction and green technology.

Learn about how we invest responsibly in the early years of your investment journey.

How our sustainable multi asset investment options work

Depending on the type of pension plan you invest in, then the time taken to automatically move options within the lifestyle profile will either be 15 or 10 years.

If you’re already a Standard Life customer, Online Servicing can give you access to review your investments and find out what investment option you’re in.

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Invest in a Sustainable Multi Asset investment option