No hidden charges

With our Active Money Personal Pension, the Total Annual Fund Charge covers everything. That means:

  • No exit fees
  • No charge to switch investments
  • No charge to take money out
  • No charge to transfer in (your old provider may charge an exit fee)

What you'll pay for our ready made option

Our ready made option is designed for people who don't want to choose their own investments. 

  • 0.70% a year if your pension is less than £25,000
  • 0.50% a year if your pension is more than £25,000

These are the effective charges you'll pay – made up of the Total Annual Fund Charge minus discounts. You may pay less – the charges shown are for the most expensive fund within our ready made option (the Sustainable Multi Asset Universal (10 year) Strategic Lifestyle Profile).

What you'll pay if you choose your own investments

This will depend on which investment options you choose, and how much you invest.

The more you invest, the higher your discount could be:

Discount Plan value
0.30% Less than £25,000
0.50% £25,000 or more

What you'll pay is the Total Annual Fund Charge minus these discounts.  See our  full fund list for individual charges (pre-discount).

All figures correct as at 4 December 2023. Charges aren't guaranteed and can change. Read how charges are calculated on our Costs and Charges page.

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