Transferring other pension plans will not be right for everyone. You need to consider all the facts and decide if it’s right for you. You could be losing money by giving up any valuable guarantee or benefits you might get from your other pension plan. There is no guarantee that you will get more as a result of transferring.

Why transfer your pension plan to Standard Life?

The Standard Life Active Money Personal Pension (AMPP) helps you save money tax-efficiently and gives you the option to invest your money in a way that suits you.

  • Transferring to Standard Life could give you a better range of investment choices, lower annual charges and even discounts
  • Access ready-made funds from award-winning investment managers or pick your own investments from our full range, including ethical funds
  • Transferring lets you see all your pension savings in one place. This can make it easier monitor if you’re on track for retirement
  • You can control your pension plan from our online account — choose when to start, stop or change your payments online

The decision about transferring must be yours. If you're unsure about transferring you should seek financial advice. Your financial adviser will probably charge for this advice. You can also find more information from  Moneyhelper 

There may be certain circumstances where you will be required to take financial advice.

Our pension transfers guide has more information to help you decide if a transfer is right for you.

Read our guide to pension transfers