The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than was paid in.

How much does a Personal Portfolio cost?

The cost for a Personal Portfolio is made up of two separate charges. How much this will cost you will depend on the choices you make.

There is the ‘total fund charge’. This is what the fund manager charges you each year for investing in a specific fund.

Then there’s the ‘platform charge’. This is the cost for the services Standard Life provides you.

These charges combined is called your ‘overall charge’. This is the amount you will pay each year for your Personal Portfolio.

Interest rates and charges for cash accounts

With our Personal Portfolio you are automatically set up with two cash accounts. We may pay an interest rate on the cash held in these accounts. We apply a cash management administration charge (CMAC) for the administration of the cash held in these accounts. Different interest rates and CMACs may apply to each account. Read more information on interest rates and CMAC.

You can find full details of all charges and terms in the Individual Savings Account and Personal Portfolio Terms and Conditions and Wrap Services Customer Terms and Conditions.

Remember, unlike an ISA you may also pay tax on any potential growth in your Personal Portfolio.

What do you get for your overall Personal Portfolio charge?

  • Investment options to suit you. You can pick our Easy option where the team at Aberdeen Standard Investments will manage your investments for you. Or you can go for our DIY option where you can pick from the full range of thousands of funds. With the DIY option, you will be managing your own investments on an ongoing basis.
  • You can make withdrawals at no extra cost. But remember that taking money out could impact the value of your savings.
  • UK phone support. So you can get the answers to your questions when you need them
  • Online access. You can check in on your Personal Portfolio as often as you like, using your laptop, tablet or mobile. View your latest statements, performance information and more on your online dashboard
  • Competitively priced funds. The Personal Portfolio gives you access to competitively priced funds. It could cost you less than you think to invest for the future

With no extra charges for:

  • Setting up your account
  • Making changes to your payments
  • Any changes to your plan

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