Websites and products pretending to be provided by Standard Life

We are aware of fake websites that may look like Standard Life that are offering bonds and other investments with attractive high rates of return. Beware that these are not Standard Life Assurance Limited and are fake. Investing in any of the products will mean that you will not have any protection and will most likely lose your investment.

At times where rates of return are very low these offers can appear tempting but the old saying applies; if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. 

There are two domains that are currently active which at first sight appear to be genuine, using the Standard Life logo and even using the correct address details. These are:

First company



Telephone: 0207 183 2365; 0203 769 4550

Second company



Telephone: 0800 011 2450 

Sometimes these sites are reached through searching online rather than direct so beware when online. The criminals behind the fake websites pay for adverts on Google and other search engines and we have also had reports of fake comparison websites being set up to hook people in.

Once you have made contact they will then appear to be legitimate by asking for identification in line with anti-money laundering requirements but this opens another risk of having your identity stolen.

Working to stop this happening

Standard Life Assurance Limited works with law enforcement and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to remove sites and close down the criminal operations. The criminals, however, are resourceful and set up new domains very quickly so remain vigilant at all times. Some things to look out for are:

  • Little information on a website beyond the home page with broken links to other part of the site
  • Poor spelling and grammar
  • Promises of rates of return that are beyond the market average

Please read our staying safe online FAQ for more tips on how to keep yourself safe.