There are different types of online accounts depending what products you have with us.



Most workplace pension, personal pension and ISA customers

Please call us on 0345 606 0098 (+44 131 245 6367) to cancel your access to online servicing. Call charges will vary.



Standard Life Self Investor

You need your online account in order to manage your investments. However if you want to your Stocks and Shares ISA, Trading Account or Cash Account, you'll need to transfer your account(s) to another provider or withdraw the full balance to your chosen UK bank account and then tell us to close the account.



Elevate customers

Elevate customers can cancel their account by working directly with their adviser to pay out any remaining holdings. Once that is confirmed, we can cancel the account. If you no longer have an adviser, you can call us directly at 0345 600 2399 to pay out and close the account.

Call charges will vary.

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