With our SIPP, you’ll have access to a wide range of funds at competitive rates.

  • Discounts to your charges can apply
  • Free initial setup of your pension
  • No extra charge for our pension transfer service

Minimum payment

Monthly payments

SIPP value You invest per month Basic rate tax relief adds Your pension gets
If your SIPP value is under £50,000 £240 £60 £300
If your SIPP value is over £50,000 £80 £20 £100

Annual payments

SIPP value You invest per year Basic rate tax relief adds Your pension gets
If your SIPP value is under £50,000 £2,400 £600 £3,000
If your SIPP value is over £50,000 £800 £200 £1,000

One off payments

  You invest Basic rate tax relief adds Your pension gets
To set up a SIPP £8,000 £2,000 £10,000
To an existing SIPP No minimum amounts

A SIPP gives you more investment choice than most traditional personal pensions - and because of that, there may be some higher risks related to some of the investments available to you. So keep a close eye on your SIPP - regularly review your investments and take investment advice where necessary. There is likely to be a charge for this.

As with any investment, the value can go up or down, and may be worth less than you paid in.


If the value of your pension exceeds the below amounts, we’ll add money to your pension as a discount to fund charges.

Total value of funds (level 1 & 2)Yearly discount rate
Under £50,000 None
£50,000 - £249,999 0.3% a year
£250,000 - £499,999 0.4% a year
£500,000 + 0.5% a year

These discounts don’t apply to all investments.


You only pay for the services you use. For more information have a look at 'your investment choices and charges' document below:


We regularly review our charges and may alter them to reflect changes in our overall costs, or assumptions. Any increases will be fair and reasonable.

By paying more, you may be able to save on charges by receiving a large fund discount.

SIPP Bank Account

The SIPP Bank Account can be used to hold money prior to investing or when making a withdrawal. It is also used for paying charges. The rate of interest is normally 1% below the Bank of England base rate.

For more information on the charges payable with SIPP, contact us on

0345 272 6607

or speak to your financial adviser. Call charges will vary.

Laws and tax rules may change in the future. The information here is based on our understanding in April 2020. Your personal circumstances also have an impact on tax treatment.