Our MyFolio Managed options let you invest like an expert without having to actively manage your investments. They include a variety of different types of investment in one solution, so they’re as quick and simple as investing gets.

All you have to do is choose the most appropriate one for you based on how much risk you’re comfortable taking. Our experts will do the rest.


  • Decide what it should invest in and when
  • Make sure it doesn’t take any more or less risk than you said you were comfortable with
  • Aim to produce the best possible returns for the level of risk you’ve chosen

Of course, as with any investment, the value of the funds you’re invested in can go down as well as up, and may be worth less than was paid in. And you should regularly review your investments to make sure they’re still right for you and they’re on track to meet your goals.

Straightforward to work out which one’s right for you

1. Decide how much risk to take and the best MyFolio Managed option for you

You choose the one that’s most appropriate for you from one of five risk levels.

risk chart

  • I - lower risk
  • II - lower to medium risk 
  • III - medium risk
  • IV - medium to higher risk
  • V - higher risk

If you’re not sure which risk level is right for you, our risk questionnaire might help.

2. Select your option and let us do the rest

That’s it. Our experts will get on with managing the option you’ve chosen, and make sure it continues to do what it should be doing.


Global, diversified investment

The investment managers running the MyFolio Managed options invest across the globe through a range of premium actively managed funds from Standard Life Investments. They use different types of investments to try and get the best possible returns for the level of risk you’re happy taking.

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Invest through a pension or ISA

The MyFolio Managed Funds are available through most of our pension products and our stocks & shares ISA.

If you have a pension, you can also choose one of our MyFolio Managed Strategic Lifestyle Profiles. These are specifically designed to make it easy to save for retirement as we’ll do everything for you. That includes making changes to your investments to get your pension savings ready for when you plan to take them.

Find out more about strategic lifestyle profiles >

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More MyFolio

If you’d like more choice of investment styles or want an option that gets your pension savings ready for how you plan to use them, we have other MyFolio funds and strategic lifestyle profiles. Like the MyFolio Managed options, these are all available with a range of risk levels.

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