The site(s), the app and the services, are provided by members of the the Phoenix Group.

Before accessing the site(s), the app and the servicesyou must first accept these terms.

Before accepting these terms, you should read them carefully. If you do not understand any point or if you have any questions contact us (see section 18 for how to contact us).

By clicking your acceptance where indicated below, you are confirming:

  • that you accept and agree to be bound by these terms; and to any changes to these terms permitted under section 15

The relationship between you and us regarding your use of the site(s), the app and the services will be governed by:

  • the  terms  contained in this document;
  • any  information  (including, but not limited to, warnings and disclaimers);
  • Additional terms of use for the Standard Life Savings App, governing use of the  app; and
  • the  Legal Information  notice governing your use of

Your products will continue to be governed by the product terms. If you use the services to carry out product specific transactions, we may ask you to accept additional terms and conditions relating to these transactions.

You should keep a copy of these terms and keep this for future reference purposes.

1. Definitions used in these terms

1.1 Words which are in bold type in these terms have a specific meaning, as set out in this section:

aggregation services are services offered by third parties where the third party will:

  • collect and manage your financial account information for  you  and display this information for  you  in one place such as a single web page; and/or
  • carry out transactions for  you  using the  username  and  password.

app  means the Standard Life Savings app, which provides access to information about your  product(s)  and limited transaction capability.

corporate entity includes a limited company, a sole trader, a partnership or limited liability partnership, a club, a society, a recognised or registered charity, and any other entity which has its own legal identity that is distinct from the individuals that work for it.

Data Protection Act means the Data Protection Act 1998 as amended from time to time up to and and including 24 May 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation from 25 May 2018 onwards.

Data Protection Register means the UK Information Commissioner's Office public data protection register which can be accessed on the Information Commissioner's Office website at

denial-of-service attack means an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users.

information means any and all information contained on the site(s) or the app being registered for or provided as part of the services.

password means the password chosen by you during registration (or any subsequent reset) that, together with the username, enables individual access to the site(s), the app and the services.

platform terms means the customer terms and conditions that apply to the respective platforms, which you are required to accept when registering as a user of these platforms, as updated from time to time.

product(s) means any product or products offered by a member of the Phoenix Group which you can access via the site(s) and/or the app.

product terms means the full terms and conditions and/or policy provisions that apply to each product and which are made available to you when you purchase any product, together with any related documentation made available to you from time to time.

registration form means the registration form completed by you as part of the registration process to enable you to use the site(s), the app and the services.

services means the provision of on-line services through the site(s) and the provision of services through the app.

site(s) means the secure services and/or extranets which are provided by us and which are accessed through .

Standard Life means the relevant member of the Standard Life Group or the Phoenix Group.

terms means the terms and conditions contained in this document.

Phoenix Group means Phoenix Group Holdings plc, which is registered in England, (11606773) at 20 Old Bailey, 20 Bishop's Ct, Farringdon, EC4M 7LN, together with its subsidiaries, subsidiary undertakings and associated companies (whether direct or indirect) from time to time.

username means the username chosen by you during registration (or any subsequent resets) that, together with the password, enables individual access to the site(s), the app and the services.

UK means the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, excluding the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

we or us means any member of the Phoenix Group providing the site(s), the app and the services to you from time to time.

you means the person (including a private individual or corporate entity) who has product(s), or is a nominee or trustee in respect of product(s), and who is specified as the user of the site(s), the app and services on the registration form.



2. Intended audience and use

2.1 This site and the app are intended for the information/use of residents of the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, and the information provided on the site and app reflect this.

2.2 As the site(s), the app, the services and the information are issued in the UK, these may not be fully compliant with any local laws or regulations outside the UK.

2.3 We do not accept liability for any costs, losses or damages resulting from or related to the use of the site(s), the app, the services or the information by the following persons:

  • persons residing outside the  UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man; or
  • persons who are nominees or trustees for citizens, residents or nationals of countries outside the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.




3. Registration

3.1 In order to obtain access to the site(s), the app and/or the servicesyou must register with usYou will only be able to register for site(s) that are relevant to you or your product(s).

3.2 You can register by completing and submitting the registration form which will be delivered to us electronically using a secure link.

3.3 You must ensure that the information and details you submit to us on the registration form and when using the site(s) and the services are current, relevant and accurate. You must notify us as soon as possible if you become aware of any changes to the information or details.

3.4 If you wish to register as a user of the site(s), the app and/or the serviceswe will have to pass information relating to you and your product(s) to other members of the Phoenix Group, as required. If you do not wish to agree to the sharing of your information with the Phoenix Group, do not proceed with your registration. Data Protection is explained further in section 16.

3.5 Subject to any laws, rules and regulations applicable to uswe have full discretion to accept, or not to accept, an application to register and we reserve the right to reject your application without giving a reason for doing so.

3.6 By registering to access the site(s), the app and/or the services it is assumed that you have chosen to receive all correspondence and documents electronically. If you wish to receive paper copies of documents and correspondence please amend your preferences on the site or contact us (see Section 18 for how to contact us).




4. Security precautions

4.1 When you register you will choose a username and password and set your security questions. You will also set up two step verification to receive a one time code to your mobile number each time you login with your username and password. In the event you do not have a UK or Ireland mobile number, then we will send the code to your email address.

4.2 We will endeavour to keep your personal data safe by taking all reasonable precautions, consistent with industry practice.

4.3 You must ensure that the usernamepassword and answers to your security questions are memorised and that all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent these from being obtained by anyone else. For instance, these details must not:

  • be written down and/or disclosed to anyone else;
  • be recorded in such a way that these could be understood by anyone else; or
  • be stored on a computer so that the computer remembers these automatically.

4.3 The password and the answers to your security questions must not be disclosed to any staff of the Phoenix Group. Our staff should never ask for the password or the answers to your security questions to be disclosed to them.

4.4 If you believe that someone else knows the password or is using the password to access the services without permission, you must ensure that:

  • the  password  is changed using our on-line facility.  You  must ensure that this is done immediately or, where this occurs during  site  down time, immediately upon the  site  becoming available again; and
  • we  are informed by telephone as soon as possible (please see section 18 for how to contact  us).
  • If you fail to do so, we will not be responsible for any loss suffered by you as a result.




5. Instructions

5.1 You are responsible for all access to the site(s), the app and the services and all instructions placed using the username and passwordWe will treat such instructions as genuine and will carry them out even if given in error, unless we have received prior notification from you of unauthorised use of the username and password.

5.2 We will endeavour to carry out your instructions correctly, but it is your responsibility to check that instructions have been carried out as you expected. If the transaction has not been carried out correctly or you have made an error in completing the instructions, you should notify us as soon as possible (see section 18. for how to contact us).

5.3 We will only accept your instructions once we have verified your identity. The verification will be satisfied by you successfully entering the username and password and logging on the site(s).

5.4 If you have not completed your on-line instructions when using the services and/or the screen of your computer does not display a confirmation page confirming that your instructions have been received by us, then we may not have received your instructions. This may occur if:

  • the  services  become unavailable out of hours (service availability is explained in section 7.);
  • the  site  or the  app  times out after thirty (30) minutes of inactivity on the  site  or five (5) minutes of inactivity on the  app; or
  • there is a system failure, system crash or system malfunction;
  • before  you  have completed and submitted your on-line instructions and  we  have received these.



6. Using the site(s), the app and/or the services

6.1 You must use the site(s), the app, the services and the information solely for your own purposes and must not make these available to third parties without the prior written consent of a member of the Phoenix Group.

6.2 You must not access or attempt to access any information other than information relating to you as a user of the site(s) and the services.

6.3 You must log out of the site(s) that you have accessed and close your web browser or the app when you have finished using the site(s), the app and the services. If you do not do this, information about you may appear on the screen of the computer when it is next used and we cannot be held responsible for third parties having access to this information.

6.4 Some organisations may offer aggregation services and may ask you to disclose to them the username and password and/or appoint them as your agent. You must not:

  • disclose the  username  or  password  to a provider of  aggregation services; and/or
  • appoint a third party as your agent to access the  services  using the  username  and  password.

6.5 We have no control over aggregation services and cannot ensure the accuracy of data displayed or instructions transferred to us by an aggregation serviceWe cannot ensure the security of any data, username or password held by an aggregation service.

6.6 If you do provide the username and/or password to an aggregation service in breach of this section 6, we will not be responsible for any loss or expense suffered by you as a result of this disclosure.




7. Availability of the site(s), the app and the services

7.1 The site(s), the app and the services are provided during the UK hours of business stated on the site(s), the app or as otherwise indicated by us, however, we cannot guarantee that the site(s), the app or the services will always be available during the times stated. The site(s), the app and/or the services may be temporarily unavailable or restricted for administrative or other reasons. If this happens we will endeavour to restore their availability as quickly as possible.

7.2 We may for security reasons restrict or remove your access to the site(s), the app and the services at our reasonable discretion if:

  • the incorrect  username  or  password  is keyed in on five successive login attempts;
  • you  or  we  suspect that an unauthorised person is attempting to access the  site(s), the  app  and/or the  services  using the  username; or
  • for valid operational or security reasons,  you or we believe it is necessary and appropriate to do so.

7.3 For security reasons, we will suspend your access to the site(s), the app and the services if you have not accessed the site(s), the app and/or the services for 24 months or more. Prior to suspending your access, we will try to notify you by post or email to the address/email address we hold on file for you. If your account is suspended, you can easily re-register for online services by visiting



8. Accuracy of the information

8.1 We will take all reasonable care to ensure that all the information provided by us is accurate, current and complies with relevant UK laws and regulations as at the date of issue. However, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case where we are reliant on a third party to provide accurate information.

8.2 We do accept liability and responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the information when it has been prepared by us, but we do not accept liability or responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the information when it has been prepared by other parties and we simply make this available to you for your convenience. Although carefully verified, data computations which are not made by us are not guaranteed by us and may not be complete or accurate.




9. General liability

9.1 Irrespective of the other provisions in these terms, we are responsible to you for:

  • any claim you may have against us for death or personal injury that has been caused as a direct result of our negligence;
  • losses you suffer as a result of any fraud committed by us;
  • losses you suffer as a result of any false or misleading statement made by us in relation to a fundamental matter; and
  • losses you suffer as a result of any intentional failure by us to fulfil our obligations under these terms.

9.2 Please note that product specific liability is covered in the product terms and, where relevant, any additional terms and conditions that we have communicated to you governing online product transactions.




10. Intellectual property

10.1 Intellectual property (including copyright) in:

  • the pages of the site(s) and the app;
  • the screens displaying the pages of the site(s) and the app; and
  • the information and its arrangement

is owned by a member of the Phoenix Group, unless otherwise indicated.

10.2 'Standard Life' and the 'Standard Life' logo are registered trade marks of a member of the Phoenix GroupMembers of the Phoenix Group may also claim trade mark and service mark rights in other marks contained in the information or on the site(s) and/or the app from time to time.

10.3 Reproduction of any part of our copyright or trade mark materials, or the look and feel of the site(s) or the app, without the prior written consent of a member of the Phoenix Group, is strictly prohibited unless this is for your proper use of the site(s), the app or the services or for private, non-commercial viewing or downloading purposes.





11.1 Any software, multimedia files, photographs, reports and other documents made available through the site(s) and/or the app, are downloaded at your own risk. We do not warrant the suitability of any such downloads and accept no liability for any problems with your computer that may arise as a result. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of any such downloads for your computer, it is recommended that you obtain specialist advice before downloading.




12. Third party websites

12.1 We may provide you with links to websites operated or owned by third parties, which allow you to access and use third party material and information. We do not have any control over these third party websites or the information contained on them and do not accept any responsibility or liability in connection with access or use of them. We do not endorse, authorise or sponsor, nor are we affiliated to, such websites or their content, owners or providers.




13. Computer misuse

13.1 You must not perform any denial-of-service attack on the site(s) and/or the appYou must not:

  • misuse the  site(s)  or the  app  by knowingly introducing computer viruses or any other material which is malicious or technologically harmful; or
  • attempt to gain unauthorised access to the  site(s)  and/or the  app, the server on which the  site(s)  or the  app  is stored or any server, computer or database connected to the  site(s)  or the  app.

13.2 By breaching these provisions you would commit a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. We will report any such breach to the relevant law enforcement authorities and will co-operate with those authorities and may disclose your identity to them. In the event of such a breach, your access to the site(s) and the app will be revoked immediately.

13.3 We recommend that you employ reasonable virus detection and protection measures when accessing the site(s) and the app. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from:

  • any attack by a third party on our systems; or
  • any computer virus or other malicious or technologically harmful material that may infect your computer or mobile equipment, computer or mobile programs, data or other proprietary material due to use of the site(s) and/or the app, or due to downloading of any material posted on the site(s) and/or the app or any website linked to them.




14. Electronic communications

14.1 We consider electronic communications (including emails) to have the same status as documents sent to us by post. You agree not to contest the validity or enforceability of an electronic communication (including an email) which relates to a transaction. You also expressly agree not to use the absence of a printed or hand written document as an excuse not to comply with your obligations under these terms.

14.2 If you choose to send us an electronic communication (including an email), you do so at your own risk as there can be no guarantee that we will receive it, or that its content will remain private or unaltered during its transmission to usWe will accept no liability for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of this. If this causes concern, you may prefer to contact us by telephone or post.

14.3 We reserve the right to monitor the use and content of electronic communications (including emails) which are sent from and received by us for the purposes of ensuring compliance with our own electronic communications policy, and identifying and taking action against unlawful or improper use of, or attacks on, our systems.

14.4 We virus scan and retain all electronic communications (including emails), but we will not be responsible for any damage caused by a virus or alteration by a third party, after an email or electronic message has been sent by usWe recommend that you employ reasonable virus detection and protection measures when accessing any emails or electronic messages from us.



15. Changes to these terms

15.1 We can make reasonable and appropriate changes to these terms (or issue a replacement set of terms and conditions in their place) at any time:

  • if changes to the legal or regulatory requirements applying to the  site(s), the  app, the  services  or the  information  need to be reflected in these  terms;
  • if decisions of the Financial Ombudsman Service need to be reflected in these  terms;
  • if new industry guidance and codes of practice which are intended to raise standards of customer protection need to be reflected in these  terms;
  • if it becomes impossible or impractical, in our reasonable opinion, to carry out any of these  terms  as a result of a change in the law or regulation or other circumstances beyond our control;
  • to reflect improvements to the  site(s), the  app, the  services  and/or the  information  that technological, service or propositional enhancements have allowed  us  to make;
  • if  we  reasonably believe that the changes are necessary in the interests of our business; or
  • to improve the clarity of any of these  terms.

15.2 We will endeavour to let you know of any change(s) made to these terms that may be to your disadvantage. If you object to a change made by us please contact us (see section 18 for how to contact us). however, please note your only recourse may be to terminate these terms (as explained in section 17).




16. Use of personal data

16.1 We will collect and use personal information about you, and any other individual named on your application such as your name, date of birth and national insurance number in order to provide this product or service and to manage our relationship with you.

16.2 It may be necessary as part of this product or service to collect and use personal information which is defined as ‘special category data’ by data protection law e.g. health related. Any such special category data will only be collected and used where it’s needed to provide this product or service or to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations and where we have obtained your explicit consent to process such information.

16.3 To provide this product or service and meet our legal and regulatory obligations, we will keep your personal information and copies of records we create (e.g. calls with us) while you are a customer of ours. If this application does not proceed or when you no longer have a product or service related relationship with us, we are required to keep information for different legal and regulatory reasons. The length of time will vary and we regularly review our retention periods to make sure they comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

16.4 The information collected may be shared with other members of the Phoenix Group and other companies we work with to support us in the provision of the product or service you have with us. Where we consider it appropriate and lawful to do so, we may also share your information with other organisations, such as our regulators, HM Revenue & Customs and your adviser / employer (for applicable products and services). Whenever we share your personal information, we will do so in line with our obligations to keep your information safe and secure.

16.5 The majority of your information is processed in the UK and European Economic Area (EEA). However, some of your information may be processed by us or the third parties we work with outside of the EEA, including countries such as the United States, the Philippines and India. Where your information is being processed outside of the EEA, we take additional steps to ensure that your information is protected to at least an equivalent level as would be applied by UK / EEA data privacy laws e.g. we will put in place legal agreements with our third party suppliers and do regular checks to ensure they meet these obligations.

16.6 For more information on how we process your personal information and what your rights are, please read our Privacy Policy at




17. Termination

17.1 You can terminate these terms by giving us notice of this, as outlined in section 17.3.

17.2 We may terminate these terms and your right to use the site(s), the app and the services:

  • by giving  you  30 days' notice, as outlined in section 17.3.  We  will notify  you  of the options available to  you  at the time;
  • by notifying  you, as outlined in section 17.3, if  you  commit a material breach of these  terms  and  you  fail to remedy the breach within 10 working days of being asked by  us  to do so; or
  • by giving  you  as much advance notice as possible, as outlined in section 17.3, in the event that  we  have to withdraw the  site(s), the  app  and/or the  services  for  site  security, legal or regulatory reasons.

17.3 The notices that either we or you are required to serve on the other under this section 17 must be in writing and can be served either by email or by first class post to the last notified address of the party (see section 18 for details of our contact address). If a notice is served by email, it will be deemed to be delivered on the day it was sent provided no non-delivery message is received by the sender. If a notice is served by first class post, it will be deemed delivered two working days after being posted and in proving such service it shall be sufficient to prove that the envelope was properly addressed, stamped and posted.




18. How to contact us

18.1 If you have any questions about the site(s), the app or the servicesyou can contact us. Our telephone number is 0345 60 60 098. Please have your product details available when calling. Please note that calls may be monitored and/or recorded to protect both you and us and help with our training. Call charges will vary.

18.2 Our main contact address is Standard Life, Customer Relations, Standard Life House, 30 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH1 2DH.




19. Complaints

19.1 If you have a concern or complaint about the site(s), the app and/or the services, please call us (see section 18 for how to contact us). We will discuss your issue with you and attempt to resolve it. Where the complaint cannot be resolved immediately, we will take details of the complaint over the telephone, will aim to acknowledge your complaint in writing within a further 5 working days, and will then deal with your complaint as soon as we can.

19.2 The Financial Ombudsman Service is an independent service set up by the UK parliament to resolve disputes between consumers and businesses providing financial services. This service is free to consumers. Further information about the Financial Ombudsman Service may be found at

19.3 You may also use the EU online dispute resolution (ODR) platform to submit any disputes. For more information, please see




20. General

20.1 If there is any conflict between these terms and any of the product terms, the terms of the following documents shall be considered in the following order: (1) the product terms (2) these terms.

20.2 If there is any conflict between these terms and any of the platform terms, the terms of the following documents shall be considered in the following order: (1) the platform terms (2) these terms.

20.3 If there is any conflict between these terms and the Legal Information notice governing your use of, the terms of the following documents shall be considered in the following order: (1) these terms (2) the Legal Information notice governing your use of

20.4 The provision of the site(s), the services, the app and/or the information is not an offer or solicitation by us to buy, sell or otherwise deal in any investment in any jurisdiction.

20.5 If either party fails to exercise any right or remedy under these terms, this shall not prevent them from doing so at any time in the future.

20.6 The words 'including' or 'include' and words of similar effect will not be deemed to limit the general effect of the words which follow them.

20.7 Each provision of these terms will be construed separately and, in the event that any such provision may prove to be illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provision of these terms will continue in full force and effect.

20.8 The headings to sections will not form part of these terms and will not affect the interpretation of any section.

20.9 Any disclaimers and exclusions contained within these terms will survive termination of these terms.

20.10 Each member of the Phoenix Group shall be entitled to recover any loss suffered by it and generally to enforce these terms in its own right in accordance with the provisions of the Contract (Rights of Third Parties Act) 1999.



21. Governing law

21.1 These terms will be governed by the laws of the UK country within which you reside and you and we submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that UK country.

21.2 If you reside in the Isle of Man or Channel Islands these terms shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales, and you and we shall be deemed to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales or your place of residence in the Isle of Man or Channel islands (as appropriate).