This quick independent questionnaire will provide you with a score that will help you understand your investment risk appetite. It is not suitable for people who are not willing to take any investment risk.

It has been developed by Oxford Risk, an independent team of leading psychology academics originating from Oxford University.

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The questionnaire will help you decide your attitude to investment risk, but it's important to understand there are some limitations.

Understanding the limits of the risk test:

  • Education, not advice - this tool is a guide for illustrative purposes only
  • Limits - this tool doesn't look at other factors, such as your stage of life, your financial goals or the size of financial loss you are able to withstand
  • Think bigger - risk is just one of the things you need to consider when you're making investment decisions. For example, the term of your investment and whether you might want to access your investments before the end of this term are also important
  • Talk to an expert - always get professional advice before taking action

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