Why choose our Master Trust?

  • Reduced costs: Unlike an own trust scheme, employers have no costs to bear running a Master Trust scheme or to pay for things like trustee costs and the scheme levy.
    So by choosing a Master Trust, your clients can ensure members continue to benefit from trustee oversight, without incurring the running costs of the scheme.
  • Reduced risk and responsibilities: Changes to legislation and regulation have increased trustees' risks and responsibilities, which can increase employer costs as trustees need to take advice on how to manage them.
    But with a Master Trust, the scheme trustee and scheme funder bear these responsibilities and associated costs.
  • In-scheme Drawdown: Our Master Trust allows access to in-scheme drawdown, which includes investment pathways, within the governance of the scheme trustee.
  • A simple solution for scheme wind-ups: If an employer has an existing own trust occupational pension scheme that they want to stop and wind up, the trustees need to find a home for the existing scheme assets.
    As the Master Trust is an occupational pension scheme approved by The Pensions Regulator, the existing scheme trustees can transfer the scheme's assets without member consent and with minimal or no advice.

        Our guide for advisers shows how Master Trust can help to support better futures for members

Benefits of our Master Trust

group Simple to manage

Our flexible investment and administration platform makes it easy for employers to manage their scheme.

icon In-scheme drawdown

Members can access their pension savings and retain any scheme discounts with in-scheme drawdown.


icon Ongoing support

Members can get support online, through retirement events and over the phone if required.

icon Client Analytics

We can provide data to help with effective governance and increase member engagement.


pencilruler Wide investment choice

Members can choose from investment options including blended funds and governed risk-based options.

icon Clear investment options

The Master Trust has simple investment options with four pathways to help members make informed decisions.


clickmouse Straightforward approach

Benefit from our straight-through processing, online services and dedicated admin teams.


icon Marketing support

We can provide you with the marketing material you need to increase member engagement with clients.


Our Master Trust is designed to support you, your clients and their employees at the key moments that matter.

And it's received numerous industry awards and accreditations, including the Master Trust Offering of the Year at the 2022 Pensions Age Awards.


Protecting the interests of members

The scheme benefits from professional support thanks to its trustee company, Standard Life Master Trust Co Ltd (SLMTC).

You can find out more about the trustee board and how it protects the interests of scheme members on the Trustee board page.

A high standard of service

Our Master Trust pension scheme offers a high standard of service by using independent trustees, and a wide range of investment options.  You can benefit from our expertise in the corporate pensions market, together with our powerful online features. Our approach includes:

  • Employer consultation meetings with trustees arranged and carried out by us

  • Flexible pricing to enable you to deliver a cost-effective solution

  • Member engagement and communication support


If you want more target market and suitability information for this product, download the statement of target market.

Money invested is at risk. Tax may change in the future.

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