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Estate planning is all about ensuring that family wealth passes into the right hands at the right time, with minimum liability to inheritance tax.

Your clients demand not just effective estate planning solutions – they also want expert guidance, and the sort of support that helps them make the right decisions.

Plans we provide

Trusts we provide

Our trusts have different features, with their own unique combination of flexibility, capital access and tax implications.

You can use our decision tree guide to support your discussions with clients and help you agree which trust is best for them.

Bypass Trust

A Bypass Trust is a simple way to pay lump sum death benefits from a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) into a trust rather than to an individual.

This trust can give your clients flexibility, asset protection and potential inheritance tax benefits.

Your client will need to complete the following documents to set up a bypass trust:

Bypass Trust

Instruction for payment of death benefits


Support we provide

Client support

We have a range of documents, guides and materials that can support discussions with your clients.

Trust decision tree Trust decision tree

Take your clients through the trust decision tree to help decide which plan and trust works best for them.

View guide

Help your loved ones Help your loved ones

Get more detail on the estate planning options available and read case studies to bring the solutions to life for your clients.

View guide

Gift record Gift record

Your clients can get more detail on the estate planning solutions available from this guide. It also has case studies to bring the solutions to life.

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Trustee investing support

Trustees will have responsibility for making decisions – and there are rules covering the actions of trustees in relation to how assets are invested.

It’s not unusual for a family member or the person who created the trust to act as a trustee. But few family members will have the knowledge and experience to carry out their duties without support from an adviser.

With our support, you can take a structured approach to help them with a number of topics including:

  • Investment strategy: this will be driven by the goals of the trust
  • Asset allocation: the long-term nature of many trusts will impact on the asset classes selected
  • Tax wrappers: opportunities to manage the tax liabilities of the trust are always important
  • Monitoring and reporting: trustees need to be able to evidence their decision making and review processes

A framework for trustee discussions

It's important for trustees to be able to show that they’ve followed a well documented and robust investment process.

You can use these supporting documents as a framework for your discussions with trustees.


Trustee meeting guide Trustee meeting guide

Talk trustees through the investment advice process with this helpful guide.

View guide

Trust Fact Find form

This records basic essential information about a trust client.

View form

Investment policy statement Investment policy statement

This records all of the key aspects of a trust’s approach to investing assets.

View statement

Deed support

We can provide deeds for a number of our life plans and legacy products, including:

  • Endowments
  • Homeplan
  • Whole of Life Assurance
  • Term Assurance
  • Lifetime Protection Plans/Series
  • Variable Protection Plan
  • Variable Investment Bonds/Versatile Investment Plans

This is not an exclusive list. Please contact us at legal_operations@standardlife.com or call 0345 606 0841 for more information. Call charges will vary.

Money invested is at risk. Tax may change in the future.

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