Focus on your clients with business integration

We have a wide range of services that can be integrated into your own front and back office systems.

This can help you speed up processes, reduce manual admin and save you time – letting you focus on servicing your clients.

Adviser Payments

Adviser statements can be sent directly to your back office system using the Origo Standard EDI service. 

Statements can also support your automated adviser payment reconciliation services to help streamline your processes.

If you'd like to integrate Adviser Payments into your own system, please contact your back office company. This feature is supported by a number of back office software companies, including:

  • Iress
  • Durell Software
  • intelliflo 
  • JCS
  • Plum Software

CRM software providers

Please find below a list of CRM software providers that we currently support with our Contract Enquiry service.

  • Assyst
  • Best Practice
  • Bluecoat
  • Distribution Technology
  • Durell
  • intelliflo 
  • Iress
  • JCS
  • Moneyinfo
  • Plum Software
  • Positive Solutions
  • Sprint (Fastrak)
  • Time4Advice
  • True Potential
  • TBX 
  • 1st Software
  • 2Plan

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