Fund filter
The fund filter tool allows you to view fund information, such as price, performance, fund factsheets and fund charges.


You can select the relevant product type and product and click either Go to show results onscreen or Export Full Fund List to an Excel document.

Using the export option, you can download information about fund names, all codes applicable, open/closed status fund type and fund grouping price, performance, fund factsheets and fund charges.

Some fund names are abbreviated and, therefore, can be difficult to find. It may be more beneficial to search by the specific fund code or ‘Refine your search’ by selecting the fund manager.

Navigating to the fund filter
The Fund Filter can be accessed from the Homepage, from the drop-down menu under Tools and from our Tools landing page. Clicking the link will open a new tab in your browser where you can access all the features of the previous version of the fund filter.
Fund factsheets and Key Investor Information Document (KIIDs)
The fund filter results hold links to fund factsheets KIIDs. Clicking on the fund name link or the document icon will open the required document as a PDF.
Portfolio analyser tool fund integration
Funds selected from the fund filter tool can be used with our integrated portfolio analysis tool.
Client specific fund information
Your client's fund selections can be found on Client View's Valuation page. This includes links to fund factsheets.

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