Invest in commercial property with Standard Life

With a Standard Life SIPP, you can expand your client’s investment portfolio beyond funds or stocks and shares and into commercial property.

  • Specialist support at every stage: we can make it easy for your client to buy, manage and sell commercial property under their Standard Life SIPP.
  • Expertise you can count on: we have over 19 years’ experience in this market, and currently manage over 1,100 properties for our customers.
  • Transparent charging: your client will only ever pay for the services they use and we’ll always define the cost of using our external property partners up front.
  • Freedom to borrow: if your client can’t cover the full purchase price, we can help them borrow up to 50% of the value of their SIPP to make things happen.

Key considerations for investing in commercial property

icon Rental payments direct to SIPP

The property’s rental payments won’t be subject to income tax – as they’ll go directly into your client’s SIPP.

icon Growth free from capital gains tax

Any growth to the property value will be free from capital gains tax (CGT).

icon IHT mitigation

If your client dies, the property won’t fall under their estate for inheritance tax calculations.


icon Property value

As with any investment, while property values can go up – they can also go down too.


icon Vacant periods

If the property is vacant, your client’s SIPP could be left to meet significant extra costs.

icon Future income

Having money tied up in commercial property could affect how quickly your client can turn their pension savings into an income.


Find out more

We’ve created a guide to commercial property to help you talk to your clients about investing in commercial property with Standard Life. Here you’ll find details of how it works, along with the key benefits and risks. 

Already found the perfect premises?

If your client is ready to buy a commercial property, we’ve designed a clear step-by-step process to make things easy for you both.

  1. Complete our initial property questionnaire and we’ll then discuss things with you. If a commercial loan is needed, you should get a quote from either of our panel lenders, Barclays or RBS, before completing this form.
  2. If the property appears suitable, we’ll talk to our insurers to make sure it passes our risk and acceptability checks.
  3. Assuming all is well, our property experts will then mobilise a solicitor, valuation, environmental survey and insurance quote.
  4. To complete the purchase, we’ll transfer the money from your client’s SIPP to the appointed solicitor.
  5. The property will then be owned by Standard Life Trustee Company and will show as an asset under your client’s SIPP.
  6. Our appointed property manager will then look after things going forward – such as collecting rent or organising repairs.

Further information

For further information, please speak to your usual contact or call us on 0345 607 0216 (call charges will vary), or email

Key documents

icon Guide to commercial property

Your guide to commercial property and your Self Invested Personal Pension.

View the commercial property guide


icon Purchase questionnaire

This form should be used if you are applying to enter into a property agreement with Standard Life.

View the questionnaire


Money invested is at risk. Tax may change in the future.

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