Why choose our workplace investment options?

Our flexible investment solutions offer:

  • Specially designed options: our off-the-shelf investment options have been specifically designed for workplace pension plans
  • More choice: Customised and blended investments give members more options to choose from
  • Good governance: our robust fund governance process gives employers, employees, trustees and advisers peace of mind

Off-the shelf options

Our investment specialists have designed these options specifically for workplace pensions.

Risk-based default options

We understand some members might stay in their pension scheme's default investment option for a long time or even till they retire. So we offer your clients a range of risk-based default options to choose which one feels most suitable for their members.

They simply choose a preferred investment style and a risk level that best matches the risk profile of the majority of members. The options are also designed to give members flexibility around how they take their money at retirement.

Risk-based funds

Our range of risk-based funds includes default options and strategic lifestyle profiles across five risk levels.

This gives members a wider range to choose from, depending on their attitude to risk and personal goals. Experts then manage the funds with the aim of producing the best possible results.

Strategic lifestyle profiles

Strategic lifestyle profiles give members the option to tailor their investment choice based on their own attitude to risk and how they want to take their money at retirement.

We ensure strategic lifestyle profiles target each member's specific retirement date. This means we closely monitor and manage when to move investments to keep them on track.

Read our guides to find out more about the different profile options:


Our full fund range

Members with the knowledge, confidence and time to manage their own investments can choose funds from our full range. 

We offer members choice from a wide range of funds across different asset classes and approaches, including responsible investment options.


Customised investment options

These options can be ideal if your client has a scheme that needs a more tailored approach to investments.

Get in touch for more information

If your clients are interested in our workplace investment options, you can contact us or speak to your relationship manager for more information.

Money invested is at risk. Tax may change in the future.

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