Loan Plan benefits

Portcullis Inheritance tax savings

Any growth in investments held in our Loan Plan will be outside your client's estate immediately for inheritance tax purposes.

icon Flexibility

Clients can select beneficiaries without including this in a will. Use a Discretionary Trust or Flexible Trust for more flexibility.

group Business opportunities

Discussing this plan can start a wider conversation about estate planning, which could lead to other business opportunities.

icon Client retains access to capital

As this is a loan and not a gift, it can be repaid by regular payments from the plan or on demand.

icon Faster payments

If your client dies, payment can be made to beneficiaries or trustees without any need to wait for probate or confirmation.

How our Loan Plan works

The Loan Plan is easy to set up and operate. Your client doesn't give up access to capital – it's simply loaned to the plan.

Your client will automatically be a trustee so also has control over the way the trust assets are invested and dispersed.

Your client establishes a trust, appoints trustees and may nominate beneficiaries. Your client makes a loan to the trustees who use the loan to purchase a Standard Life Bond.

The following bonds can all be used with our Loan Plan:


Repayment of the loan

The loan is typically repaid at a rate of 5% a year over 20 years. Your client can demand repayment of the outstanding loan at any time.


Types of trust

With the Loan Plan, your clients can choose the type of trust that works best for them.

Money invested is at risk. Tax may change in the future.

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