Why choose our Tailored Investment Bond?

Our Tailored Investment Bond offers: 

  • Flexible withdrawals: clients can access money through regular or one-off withdrawals
  • Tax efficiency: The onshore bond pays tax on its funds at 20%, which creates tax planning opportunities for higher or additional rate taxpayers
  • Investment choice: access a range of funds with different investment strategies 


Benefits for your clients

icon Protects wealth

The Tailored Investment Bond can be held in trust to help with wealth protection and tax inheritance planning.


icon Easy to manage online

Clients can log in to our online dashboard  to check their bond details and see how their bond is doing.


icon Flexible withdrawal options

Your clients can take regular tax-deferred withdrawals at chosen frequencies or one-off withdrawals at any time.

Onshore bonds closed to new business

We have a number of onshore bonds that are now closed to new business but still open to top-up payments.

Visit the ‘Savings and investments’ section of our service directory to find out more, make top-ups and get the contact details you need.

Money invested is at risk. Tax may change in the future.

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