Consider the benefits of using a Professional Trustee Company to administer trusts linked to Standard Life bonds.  


Why use a professional trustee company?

There are many reasons why a client may wish to appoint a Professional Trustee Company rather than rely on family or friends to help out. Day-to-day trust management has grown in recent years and has the potential to take up significant time. Trustee Companies provide a professional service which is simple and easy to use, alleviating any burden which may be felt by lay trustees trying to fulfil this role.  

A Professional Trustee Company is impartial and discreet. Importantly, they can be the neutral party in the event of a dispute considering the views of all parties concerned in equal measure. 


What are the duties of a professional trustee company?  

  • Carry out trust administration, whilst ensuring the settlor’s and the beneficiaries’ interests are balanced appropriately
  • They’ll carry out trust reporting, tax returns, accounts and registration. Many offer a trust registration service on a standalone basis
  • They must adhere to certain standards and meet various statutory obligations, including reporting requirements under FATCA as a Financial Institution. 


Information on professional trustee companies

Standard Life is pleased to offer information on the following professional trustee companies whose services are available for new and existing trusts:   

Company Find out more     Useful Information  
ZEDRA Trust Company (UK) Limited has over 50 years as part of one of the large UK banks, and are now an international independent provider of Estate Planning services.  It recently won Trust Company of the Year at the STEP Private Client Awards 2022 and provides a first class service in everything that they do. Visit ZEDRA's site    

Example of how to complete the SL  application form  using ZEDRA as a corporate trustee.

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The abrdn Trust Corporation We are a trust corporation with over 25 years of experience and are the professional trustee on over 500 trusts holding a variety of assets. We ensure that the trust is managed in line with its objectives, we will identify when advice / action is required and will ensure that all monitoring and reporting is carried out.  Our trust corporation is part of the abrdn group, is based in the UK and is part of an FCA regulated business.
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