Why choose our Trustee Buy-Out Plan?

Our Trustee Buy-Out Plan acts as a 'bulk section 32 buy out' and offers your clients:

  • Legal security: clients can remove their liability when winding up a workplace pension scheme
  • Simplicity: this plan helps keep the wind-up process as simple as possible without the need for member consent
  • Peace of mind: the plan complies fully with the winding up regulations of all relevant legislation
  • Reduces cost and risk - allowing clients to focus on running their own business

Benefits of our Trustee Buy-Out Plan

group Simple and compliant

Our plan removes obligations from trustees and doesn't require member consent.

icon Save money

Our solution is cost-effective as it works as a standalone product.

icon Earmarked benefits

Scheme members will have individual policies so they have more control over their benefits.


pencilruler Save time and effort

The Trustee Buy-Out Plan streamlines the buy-out process to save your clients time and effort.

icon Full flexibility

This plan can be used alongside your clients' other workplace pension scheme products.

clickmouse Tax advantages

Each policy is written under trust so the death benefit wouldn't normally be liable to inheritance tax.

Money invested is at risk. Tax may change in the future.

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