Give your clients some shelter from some of the day-to-day market volatility

Our Smoothed Return Pension Fund offers your clients a risk-rated multi-asset solution combined with a smoothing process. It aims to deliver medium to long-term pension growth while cushioning the impact of short-term ups and downs in the investment market.

It's available exclusively through the Fidelity Adviser Solutions platform and can be used alongside other investment solutions as part of a balanced retirement portfolio.


How it works

The Fund spreads a client’s investment across a diversified range of asset classes. These include equities, bonds, property securities and money market instruments - including cash. The value of the Fund is smoothed and aims to increase at an Estimated Growth Rate (EGR) which reflects our long-term growth expectations for the Fund, (less the fund charge). This is reviewed every quarter as a minimum.

If we see more than a 10% difference in the unit price of the underlying fund on any day, we’ll adjust the smoothed price to bring it back to 2.5% of the underlying fund value.

And we offer twice-monthly monitoring – so where there’s more than a 5% difference with the underlying fund, we make a unit price adjustment to the smoothed price by halving the difference. 

Client suitability

It's potentially suitable for your clients if they:

  • Have a UK-based pension account on the Fidelity Adviser Solutions platform..
  • Are looking to consolidate.
  • Are approaching or in retirement.
  • Want to grow their pension pot, but don’t want to expose their savings to undue risk.
  • Want to take a future income from their pension pot.
  • Want to invest in a range of different assets, managed by Fidelity International.
  • Are looking for a fund that seeks to smooth out the short-term ups and downs of investment performance.

It’s unlikely to be suitable for your clients if they:

  • Are looking to achieve returns more closely associated with a high-risk appetite.
  • Don't want any risk with their pension savings and need a capital guarantee.
  • Don’t want to leave their pension savings invested for at least five years.

Our partnership with Fidelity

We’re working in partnership with Fidelity to exclusively offer the Standard Life Smoothed Return Pension Fund through Fidelity Adviser Solutions’ award-winning platform. 

Standard Life set and govern the strategic asset allocation, risk corridor and mandate for the Fund. We also actively manage liquidity at portfolio level.

Fidelity International are responsible for the underlying building blocks, fund selection and staying within the agreed investment mandate.

Fidelity Adviser Solutions is a leading investment and retirement services platform committed to building long-term relationships with advisory firms.

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Money invested is at risk.  Tax may change in the future.

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