Laws and tax rules may change in the future. Your own circumstances and where you live in the UK also have an impact on tax treatment.

Why do you need estate planning?

You've worked hard to build up your wealth, but passing it on to your loved ones can be complicated and it can create a large Inheritance Tax bill.

Proper planning can help you pass on as much as possible to the people you choose by avoiding unnecessary tax. It can let you enjoy your wealth, with the peace of mind that, when you die, as much as possible will go to the people you care about most.

How estate planning can help you

Here are just a few examples of how estate planning can make a difference:

  • Wills: Make sure you have control of what happens to your estate. Without a will, the law will decide how your estate will be split up. Your spouse or partner may not get your whole estate. Specialist advice can make sure you have considered all the options and have the right documentation in place.
  • Inheritance tax: If you don't plan for tax, your loved ones or estate could pay more tax than they have to. Using trusts and considering other estate planning options can help them avoid unnecessary tax.
  • Powers of attorney: It's important to make sure your affairs can be looked after, if you can no longer make decisions yourself.
  • Estate administration and probate: Dealing with loss is hard enough. We aim to help you with the administration of a loved one's estate.


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