A quick online new business process for adviser

Setting up new business for clients is quick and easy thanks to our three-step application process.

You can also submit top-ups online for your existing clients for our Active Money Personal Pension (AMPP) and Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) products.

Our three-step new business process


Step 1: Create a quote and supporting documentation

Our online quote service can generate a client-specific quotation, key features document and supporting literature.

Information in your quote will be used to speed up the online application by pre-populating your client’s details, payments in, selected funds and fee options.


Step 2: Submit evidence of your client agreement

When you apply online for new and existing clients, you must capture and store your client’s signature.
This gives us evidence that they’ve agreed to take responsibility to check the confirmation schedule for accuracy, and agree to you acting on their behalf.

You can supply us with evidence of your client agreement using the following forms:

 AMPP authorisation form

 SIPP authorisation form

We’ll only ask to see this form if there’s a dispute or if the application is for a transfer from a ceding provider or product not currently on the Origo Transfer Service. 

This is an industry service that helps providers and platforms improve pension transfers and make the process simpler, faster, more secure and more cost-effective.


Step 3: Complete online application

When you retrieve your completed quote, your online new business application is pre-populated and you’re given a plan number.

Simply enter any extra data captured from your client meeting and submit the application. Where required, you can also send the automatically generated submission form to us with any additional documentation

Print or save a copy of the confirmation schedule from the online new business service area for your own records. This will be available for up to 28 days after submission. We’ll then send a confirmation schedule directly to your client.

For you and your client’s security, all online data submissions are validated to make sure there are no missing or incorrect entries. If any data is missing, an outstanding information report is automatically generated, with all the missing questions you need to complete.


How to make additional payments


Payments to AMPP and SIPP

Simply log in to our online services to submit an online application for additional single, regular or transfer payments for our AMPP and SIPP products.

Your client's details will be pre-populated using their existing AMPP or SIPP plan number to save you time and effort.


Payments to other plans

If you’re planning to make a transfer payment, you’ll need to complete and send a paper application form.

But depending on the payment type and details we hold on record, we won’t always need a paper application form to top up your client’s plan.

You can organise: 

  • Regular payments by sending us an email, letter or phoning us (if you’re adding a regular payment for the first time we’ll need a signed Direct Debit mandate)
  • Single payments by sending us a letter or phoning us

Money invested is at risk.  Tax may change in the future.

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