What is Client View?

Client View gives you a complete view of the total valuation of your clients' Standard Life plans. You can log in and download a valuation to help you and your clients make informed decisions moving forward.

At a plan level, you can view valuations online and quickly buy, sell or switch fund choices to help your clients stay on track with their goals. You can also do various servicing tasks, such as updating your clients’ personal details.


Client View features

Here’s an overview of what Client View lets you do and how it can help your clients.

You can contact your usual Standard Life account manager for more information about Client View features.



  • View a client's aggregated values for a clear view of their total value
  • Calculate illustrative maturity values
  • Calculate current surrender values
  • Calculate illustrative surrender values


Fund switches

  • Buy, sell and switch funds online to better manage your clients' investments
  • Use straight-through processing to transact and manage products quickly (a number of our products support this) 

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  • Get a clearer view of your clients' plans by creating, printing and saving an aggregated client report (this also includes valuations and fund information)
  • Create, print and save a client's with-profits summary report
  • Request and retrieve client documents quickly using the client document centre
  • See copies of pension annual statements, which are automatically stored on the client document centre for your use



  • View client, plan and payment information online
  • Manage adviser charging – you can create, amend or stop existing adviser charges for our Active Money Personal Pension (AMPP), Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) and International Bond
  • Change clients' addresses
  • Request a certificate of payments paid for your pension clients

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Portfolio analysis

  • Carry your clients’ portfolio directly into Portfolio Analyser, where data is pre-populated to save you time
  • Choose which of your clients’ contracts to analyse, from all contracts, one contract, or just a part of one (for example, just mutual funds in a SIPP)

Money invested is at risk. Tax may change in the future.

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