To make sure we’re meeting customer expectations and delivering good outcomes, we regularly review the investment options we offer.

The changes we’re making don’t affect investment strategies or how the funds and profiles are managed.

What’s changing?

We’ve reviewed our investment options and are making two changes:

  1. For our Sustainable Multi Asset range, we’re renaming the ‘At Retirement’ funds and amending fund descriptions. We’re not making any other changes to lifestyle profiles
  2. For our Sustainable Focus range, we're renaming the funds and lifestyle profiles to Future Advantage, and amending fund descriptions

What does this mean for your clients?

These changes will take effect from 30 September 2023.

They don’t change the investment strategy or how the funds and profiles are managed so won’t have any impact on your clients.

Which funds are impacted?

View the following link to see the new fund names and descriptions


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