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Increased pension engagement

With employees both in the office and out in the field presents complex and unique communication challenges. Increasing engagement for all members was a key priority for Cadent.

Here’s how a powerful mix of collaboration, communications, and digital tools drove positive change across its workforce:


Serving over 11 million customers, Cadent is the largest gas distribution network in the UK, providing a vital part of the country’s infrastructure.  

Many of Cadent’s 6,500-strong workforce are engineers on the road. And with little to no access to an office, it’s particularly difficult for offsite members to engage with their pension.  

Cadent wanted to ensure that all members – regardless of their location – felt empowered to plan and save for their retirement.  

With an ambition to increase member engagement across all touchpoints, Cadent looked to us as its long-standing pension provider to support in strengthening its communication and engagement strategies.


Enabling members on the road to manage their pension on the go 

Cadent, wanted to help its non-office based employees better engage with their pension.  

They found that our mobile app was a big hit with field workers, because it enabled them to access their pension on the go and at any time – without having to wait until they were in an office.  

Using data to create targeted communications  

Leveraging our Client Analytics tool, Cadent has been able to access deeper insights into member behaviour to inform its communication strategy.  

The tool allows Cadent to look at projected pot sizes and benchmark these against the PLSA’s Retirement Living Standards. Using this data, Cadent worked with us to create targeted and relevant communications to encourage members to save more for their retirement and signpost them to useful resources – such as our Retirement Income Tool

Helping members keep track of their finances

Our focus on digital tools was a big plus for Cadent and went a long way to increasing member engagement. Our financial wellbeing platform, Money Mindset, was particularly popular with members, allowing them to plan their day-to-day finances and keep track of their money. 

Bringing pensions to life through face-to-face support

To further increase member engagement, we regularly visit Cadent to provide face-to-face support directly to members. 

This included partnering with Cadent on its Pensions Awareness Day activities by running webinars, as well as hosting events and pop-up stands at their head office. These events were valued both by the Cadent pensions team and the members that attended. 


From January to December 2023, through collaborating with us on their communication and engagement strategy, Cadent have seen positive results across the board, including:

above our email click to open rate benchmark

increase in beneficiary registrations

increase in mobile app registrations

But our work doesn’t stop there with supporting Cadent’s workforce. We’ll be supporting its future plans by building on the success of our Pensions Awareness Day webinars and events, and have plans to take these out to other sites. We’ll also be supporting Cadent in its mission to promote wider financial wellbeing across teams by continuing to evolve our digital tools in response to member feedback.

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