Why your scheme might need a defined benefit solution

Defined benefit pension liabilities can be one of the greatest financial challenges that companies face, with factors like investment underperformance, members living longer than expected, interest rate changes and inflation all playing a part in the need to de-risk.

How we can help

Our defined benefit solutions are bulk purchase annuities. These are insurance policies that help secure members’ benefits by removing risks to the scheme. There are two types of bulk purchase annuities, a buy-in or buy-out, and we offer both.

Our story so far

Discover how we’ve helped trustees and sponsors de-risk £23bn of liabilities and secure the benefits of 160,000 pension scheme members.

Why you should consider us

Solutions-focussed and innovative approach

  • The expertise to tailor and develop innovative solutions to meet your needs. For buy-ins we offer an umbrella contract approach, so future transactions can be completed quickly and efficiently.
  • We are able to provide a home for additional voluntary contributions (AVCs), which will facilitate switchback. This features allows members to transfer back to the DB scheme and take their AVCs as potentially their first maximum tax-free lump sum.

Service excellence from an award-winning team

  • Purpose-built deal team, with experience transacting deals ranging from £50m to £1.8bn.
  • Dedicated Client Services team, for a seamless transition for you and your members.
  • Completed more than £23bn of bulk annuity deals to date, insuring the benefits of over 160,000 pension scheme members.

Digitally enabled member experience

  • Partner with Equiniti, a market leader in defined benefit pension administration.
  • Regular contact with members providing clear, tailored communications.
  • Secure and intuitive digital experience with real-time transfer value and retirement quotations.


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