Applying for your workplace pension scheme

How to apply online

It's very straightforward and there are handy hints all the way through the application. Before you start, you just need to get a few things together:

  • Information about your company – the full company name, contact details and who's applying
  • Details of your workforce e.g. how many of them are there, how often they are paid, and how much
  • The contribution level you want to pay (there's some help with this in the application)

Your personalised report

Before you complete your application, you'll be provided with a report which gives a personalised summary of some of the key information about how auto-enrolment will affect you. It's easy to complete your application once you've read your report.

Here's what's included:

  • Contributions - How much both employer and member contributions will cost
  • Investment options - A list of discounted funds available to your members, plus information about our default investment option, the Sustainable Multi Asset Universal Lifestyle Profile
  • Suitability - Why we think our solution is a good choice to help achieve good outcomes for your employees
  • Administration fee - We charge £100 per month to handle your pension administration


Contact us

If we can help you with anything, please get in touch with us. You'll find all the details on our Contact us page.

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