What is Money Mindset?

Make a positive difference to your members’ financial wellbeing with Money Mindset, a powerful open finance tool that helps make managing money in real time real easy.

Form better financial habits

With Money Mindset, members can bring their financial accounts together and see all their money in one place, helping them build healthy habits that could support their short and long-term financial goals.

Make more confident decisions

Quick to access and easy to use, Money Mindset can help members engage more with their pension and make more confident decisions about their money.

Boost financial knowledge

With a library of bitesize content, tools, tips, and videos available in a few taps, Money Mindset can help boost members’ financial knowledge – without the complicated jargon.

No extra costs or admin

Money Mindset is easily accessible from the Standard Life app or online dashboard, with no extra admin or setup needed. It's free to use with no additional costs to you or your members.


What are the benefits of Money Mindset for your members?

All in one place Members can see all their financial accounts in one place, helping them make confident financial decisions that could help make their money go further.
Bitesize financial content Members can manage their money during downtime with tools, tips, and videos, as well as boost their knowledge with bitesize financial content on topics such as managing money, savings, and investments.
Innovative tools Money Mindset supports members throughout their financial life with innovative tools such as: Spending Insights, Budget Planner, Emergency Cash Builder, Benefits Finder, and Pension Finder.
Personalised tips Money Mindset sends personalised tips that nudge members to take action and helps them keep on top of their finances.
Security built in Your members’ data is protected, giving them peace of mind that their personal information is safe.
24/7 online access Members can access Money Mindset directly, through the Standard Life app (iOS and Android) or their online dashboard at any time that suits them.

What are the benefits of Money Mindset for your workplace?

9 in 10 employers tell us that having a financial wellbeing strategy is important to them. Money Mindset is designed to support you as much as your employees, giving you the tools you need to help your members feel financially well – and to build a better business.

Boost performance and productivity

Feeling financially well can have a positive impact on employee wellbeing. This means your employees are less likely to be distracted by financial worry, and more likely to be focused and productive at work.

Understand your workforce better

Client Analytics allows you to get a clear picture of engagement levels. It provides anonymised, aggregated data that could help you spot trends and create a tailored employee engagement plan, including supporting their financial wellbeing.

Reduce stress and absenteeism

Poor financial resilience can raise business risks such as increased stress and absenteeism. Money Mindset can help bolster financial capability and empower employees to tackle short-term financial priorities.

Improve recruitment and retention

Money Mindset is free to use and can help improve engagement with your existing benefits package. Showing a duty of care to employees could help retain and recruit top talent – helping you reduce associated turnover costs.

How we protect personal data

  • Our technical partners at Moneyhub Financial Technology Limited, who provide Money Mindset, are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and use bank-level authentication and security
  • Data is security-stored separately and has Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Your employees can be reassured that their personal financial data cannot be viewed by their employer nor any other third party

Awards and recognition for Money Mindset

We're proud to be awarded double gold at Benefit Guru's Open Finance Ratings 2023 for our Money Mindset tool, and be recognised for our commitment to helping members achieve the financial goals that matter to them.

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