The integrated way to run your pension scheme

At Standard Life, we already provide a member dashboard and an online administration dashboard for employers.  They do a great job as standalone administrative tools for members and employers alike in your workplace pension scheme.  

But for the next step up in true integration and administrative ease and power, let us introduce Lifelens.

What is Lifelens?

Lifelens is a fully-integrated pensions, payroll and benefits solution. We can work with you and your HR teams to develop an efficient, effective and seamlessly integrated solution to suit your needs - from all the features you need to what you decide to call it.

We'll chat you through the most popular features below - but the main thing to remember about Lifelens is that it's highly configurable and two different employers will rarely have the same solution on board.

How does Lifelens help employees?

We're always checking in with employees and their feedback tells us that what they really want is something tailored to them, and easy to use.

Lifelens provides employees with easy, one-click access directly from your company intranet, via Single Sign On, to a tailored platform with everything in one place for their pension plan. From here, they can use the suite of tools to engage with their savings and plan for a better future.

  • Branded with your company logo and colours to complement internal communications and create a consistent experience for your employees - depending on the size of your scheme.
  • Flexible functionality for your members, all in one place.
  • Gives your employees the power to change their own pension contributions (and this will automatically feed through to payroll).
  • A personalised Lifelens homepage, helping employees benefit from fully automated, timely, targeted messaging.

And if they ever need help with any of this, they can message our support team directly from their dashboard.

Lifelens is seamlessly integrated into the employee's personalised pension dashboard. Together, they have access to a whole range of ways for the member to engage with their pension plan, depending on how you choose to set Lifelens up. And there's a suite of engagement and educational tools to help make those touchpoints truly meaningful.

How Lifelens uses personalisation

Lifelens can help your employees understand how to manage their pension plan with confidence and knowledge, through segmented, targeted on-screen communications.

The system is smart enough to allow different populations to get the messages relevant to them, ranging from simple nudges, to location-based video messaging.


For example:

If your business is made up of national, regional or sector-based entities, we can display different visuals and messages for employees of each different entity

If (like many businesses) you have a wide range of ages across your workforce, we can highlight the invitation to our pre-retirement events for employees over 50 only, while targeting other relevant messages at younger employees - for example information about our Homebuyer Hub.

All of this platform content is carefully crafted to help them understand their pension options - and it can all be defined by you, the employer.

Lifelens for employers - pensions admin made easy

Lifelens can integrate Standard Life's systems right into your own HR and payroll systems.

This immediately reduces the administration burden, costs and risks through much more automated processes. Your HR data and our platform's configurable rules engine can combine seamlessly to fully automate your pension scheme management.

  • The system can automate your pension joiners and all your ongoing data changes.
  • Information is updated and displayed in Lifelens without any need for you to carry out manual file uploads or intervene.
  • It's fully secure - you can determine the timing and method of data transfer, with log files and a full audit trail of activity to ensure data quality management and built-in risk reduction.
  • Effective, targeted employee communications are at your fingertips.

A powerful reporting suite - let Lifelens bring your data to life

The reporting suite is extensive, fully configurable, and capable of performing calculations and transformations on any data element it holds. There is no need for manual intervention.

  • An automated scheduler can provide you with the data you want when you want it, while ensuring accuracy of member data and their transactions.
  • The platform can provide reports that include bulk data on new joiners, members on minimum or maximum contribution levels, and whether members have increased or decreased their contributions.
  • Segmentation can be by age, gender, grade, location or any other factor that is stated in members' HR files.
  • We use Google Analytics in Lifelens to support next best actions, track employee behaviours and help with planning and refinement of ongoing messaging.

Benefits and rewards packages

Lifelens isn't just your go-to solution for managing workplace pension schemes online, it's also an enterprise-level corporate benefits platform.

Our bespoke packages enable you to offer your employees a range of voluntary and flexible benefits, as well as wider rewards. They cover everything from funded health care to discounted shopping. Standard Life can offer you a range of packages that can integrate into your Lifelens pensions platform and which could give your company a competitive advantage when attracting and retaining talent, while acting as the foundation of your employee reward strategy.

A smarter reward strategy

Find the perfect balance between your reward strategy and the needs of your employees. We can help you plan, research, refine and review your strategy with a range of services, including full review of your employee value proposition, detailed breakdown of benefit spend, National Insurance savings, take-up statistics and access to a broad range of voluntary benefits.

Your on-platform, total reward programme

The innovative total reward capability delivers a solution that is easy and intuitive for administrators and members to use. As well as using it to send communications to members about their benefits and rewards, you can use it to raise the profile of benefits in your organisation and aim to promote your offering as an overall benefits brand. The total reward capability will provide you with the tools you need to engage and motivate the talent and future talent your company needs to deliver on its priorities.

Want to know more about Lifelens?

Please contact your Standard Life representative - they'll be delighted to tell you more about Lifelens.

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