Helping you support your employees' financial wellbeing

We want to help your employees live and retire well. That’s why we’re looking beyond pensions to understand what affects their day-to-day finances.

We’ve created a range of financial wellbeing solutions that can help you build your employees’ financial resilience and enable a positive money mindset. And by helping employees feel more confident making financial decisions today, they can feel better prepared for their financial future.


What is financial wellbeing?

Money worries can have a negative impact on employees' physical and mental health, which could affect their performance and productivity at work.

As an employer financial wellbeing means your employees feel financially resilient and empowered to take control of their finances. Employees are likely to feel financially well if:

  • They know their monthly incomings and outgoings
  • They’re meeting short-term priorities like their mortgage or rent and household bills
  • They have a long-term plan for the future, like saving into a pension

Yet insights show:

say they feel positive about their financial situation1

are looking to cut back on everyday spending2

have less than £100 in savings to fall back on3

Meanwhile, 9 in 10 employers tell us their employees’ financial wellbeing is important to them4.

Our financial wellbeing solutions can join the dots – which could help you to help your employees feel more confident about their money.


How a financial wellbeing strategy can benefit employers

Supporting your employees’ financial wellbeing not only helps build their financial capability and confidence – it can also help you build a better business. A financial wellbeing strategy could:

  • Boost employee performance and productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism and employee stress
  • Help you retain and attract top talent

Find out more about the employer benefits of a financial wellbeing strategy


Our financial wellbeing tools and solutions

Whether your employees are looking to budget better, saving for their first home, or approaching retirement, our financial wellbeing solutions can help you support them with the financial goals that matter most. 


Useful financial wellbeing resources for your employees

Our Ready to Go campaigns can help you communicate the importance of financial wellbeing to your employees and signpost them to the support they need most.

We offer a range of free online and printed materials to suit your business. Simply visit our Ready to Go page to browse our campaign brochure and order your free resources.


Our financial wellbeing awards

Our awards mean a lot to us, and we’re proud that Benefits Guru recognises our financial wellbeing offering.

2024 financial wellness (with open finance) overall ratings


2024 financial wellness (without open banking) overall ratings




Latest financial wellbeing insights

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Source of statistics


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