We’re looking for a new generation of Trustees

Our Trustee Accelerator Programme gives people from different backgrounds or with different characteristics the opportunity to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to pensions.

We’ve partnered with the Pensions Management Institute (PMI), the UK’s largest professional development organisation for pensions professionals, to create a unique learning experience that trains a select number of people to become Trustee Ready.

Because it’s only when we harness the views of people from all walks of life that we can truly drive change and build a pensions industry that works for everyone.


What makes our Trustee Accelerator Programme different?

Our Trustee Accelerator Programme is designed for people from diverse backgrounds, with different lived experiences, who may view the world differently and can help us support more people towards better financial futures.

Aspiring Trustees don’t need any experience in the pensions industry to sign up – we’ll start with the basics and provide support at every step. Plus, we’ll cover all learning and exam costs too.

Our programme is designed with flexibility in mind, meaning trainees can study around their job, caring responsibilities, and commitments.

What’s in the programme?

Our two-year programme gives people all the skills and knowledge they need to become a Trustee. We use a holistic training approach to support different learning styles, so that everyone can get the most out of our programme.

Our programme at a glance

How long is the course?
Two years

When does it start/end?
April 2024–March 2026

How much does the course cost?
We’ll sponsor trainees throughout the programme and cover all learning and exam costs

How much time will I spend studying?
On average two hours per week

How will I be assessed?
Through a mock Trustee meeting and final exams



Get the qualifications and experience to become a Trustee

Not only will our programme give trainees a wealth of knowledge and insight into the world of pensions, they’ll get the qualifications and experience they need to become a Trustee, including:


Frequently asked questions

Trustee Accelerator Programme FAQs

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