What are pensions dashboards?

Pensions dashboards are a UK Government initiative to help people find and keep track of all their pensions, including their State Pension, in one place. They aim to improve pensions awareness and understanding and help people find lost pension pots. The initial Government sponsored dashboard will be a digital platform which savers will be able to use to see their private and state pension information in one place.

Which schemes are in scope?

All workplace pension schemes with 100 or more ‘relevant’ members are in scope and legally required to connect to the pensions dashboards ecosystem before the connection deadline of 31 October 2026.

Helping schemes connect

Standard Life as part of Phoenix Group is well placed to meet pensions dashboard connection requirements. We have assessed our data, and agreed our customer 'matching criteria'. We've also volunteered as an 'early participant' and are supporting testing for the Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP) during 2024.

The connection timeline

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has confirmed the pensions dashboards connection schedule for schemes by type and size.  Each scheme has its own 'connect by' date between 1 April 2025 and 30 September 2026.

Schemes can use The Pension Regulator tool to check their 'connect by date'.

Contract-based schemes

As a volunteer participant, along with other volunteer participants, we will look to connect early. Member Data for all FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated contract-based schemes will be uploaded to the dashboard's ecosystem in April 2025 the 'connect by' date for these schemes.

Master Trust schemes

For Standard Life DC Master Trust (DCMT) and Stanplan A schemes, we're preparing for the April 2025 'connect by' date for Master Trust schemes with 20,000 members or more. We're working with Standard Life Master Trust Co. Ltd (SLMTC) to support scheme connection. At this point no action is required from employers.

Own Trust schemes

Trustees for Own Trust schemes are ultimately responsible for making sure their scheme connects with the dashboards on time. To help with this, Standard Life can connect to dashboards on behalf of the scheme, providing member data direct to pensions dashboards free of charge.

We will be contacting Trustees of Own Trust occupational schemes asking them to complete our online Pensions dashboards connection authority form.

Around 4-5 months before scheme 'connect by' date, we'll contact scheme Trustees who've authorised us to connect on their behalf, asking them to complete our Pensions dashboards connection details form.

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