Campaign: Managing your pension online

Use this campaign to show your members that it’s easier than ever to keep tabs on their workplace pension, with some quick and easy ways to review their plan online or on the go.

Campaign: Managing your money on the go

This campaign encourages your members to download the Standard Life UK app to manage their workplace pension at a time and place that suits them.

Campaign: Personalised videos

Personalised videos give your members a real-time view of their pension savings and some helpful tips on how to make the most of these savings. The video is tailored to them and can be viewed at any time through online servicing.

This campaign should only be used if personalised videos have been switched on for your scheme. Contact us for more information on whether your products are eligible to receive these videos and when these will be switched on.

Campaign: Using the tools

There’s a whole host of useful online tools that let your members see how their workplace pension, and their future, is shaping up. This campaign shows what they need to do to help them meet their financial goals.

Campaign: Your annual pension statement

Regularly reviewing their pension plan is not always top of a member’s to do list. But a good place for them to start is with their annual pension statement. We’ve created this campaign to help members understand the importance of their annual statement and how they can use it to help them to plan ahead.