Campaign: Pay more in

You can use these materials to help your members see the difference it can make to be a little more proactive about how their pension savings are shaping up. And how choosing to pay in a little more each month can boost their overall pension savings pot.

Campaign: Bonus payments

Adding your bonus to your pension plan means you could have more to look forward to when you stop working. Here’s how you can share that information with your members and help them discover another great way to make the most of their workplace pension.

Campaign: Should you transfer your pensions?

Help your members decide with this campaign. By transferring other pensions into their Standard Life plan, they could benefit from one easy-to-manage plan, lower charges, and a clear view of their retirement savings. It’s important for your members to compare the benefits and charges they have with their other pension(s), against their Standard Life plan. Our online application process tells them what to check for.

Campaign: Salary exchange

This campaign helps your members understand more about salary exchange, also known as salary sacrifice. There’s an option that shows them how you’re supporting them by boosting their net take-home pay or boosting their pension payment – depending on which option you offer.

Salary exchange campaign A – Boosting your take-home pay

Salary exchange campaign B – Boosting your pension savings