What is ‘Pension Attention 2023’?

Pension Attention 2023 is the second year of this campaign, created by the ABI and PLSA, in conjunction with the DWP and 13 industry partners to raise awareness and boost engagement. It launched with Pension Awareness Week (11-15 September) and includes National Pension Tracing Day (29 October).

As we approach the end of the campaign, ensure you make the most of National Pension Tracing Day.

Did you know that it is estimated there could be about 2.8 million lost or forgotten pension pots out there, worth an average of £9,500 each- that's over £26.6 billion in total. So it's a great time to encourage your employees to pay their pension some attention and join #GreatPensionTreasureHunt, to track down potentially lost pensions, which will benefit them for their futures.

How is Standard Life supporting your members?

As proud supporters of the campaign, we've played our part. Throughout the season. We've shared various supporting articles and videos for you to help your members focus on their pensions. As well as sharing information directly with your employees if they are signed up to get MoneyPlus. You can find out more on our member facing campaign page .

The last main event is National Pension Tracing Day and we've created more materials for you to use to engage with your members, so they can use the extra hour when clocks change on Sunday 29 October, to benefit their futures. It just so happens this is also National Pension Tracing Day.

How can I tell my members about this?

For National Pension Tracing Day, we've updated our ready-to-go campaign materials to help you to continue to keep your members involved. You can either download these materials directly for immediate use, or you can order free printed copies to be sent to you.

Receive free printed copies straight to your door

If you’d like printed copies, simply drop us an email at workplace_comms@standardlife.com and let us know the following:

  • What item(s) you’d like – let us know the item code e.g., PTD23PO
  • How many copies
  • Your company name, scheme number and address

We'd suggest that you leave at least five working days for delivery. Once we've received your email, we'll package everything up and deliver straight to your door – easy!

What next?