This form should only be used for clients that have been provided with financial advice, including a personal recommendation for this transaction and investment choice.

If your client has not received financial advice they should contact Standard Life direct to proceed with the transaction.

Before filling out this form you should read the Limitations, Assumptions and Confirmation below. You will be asked to confirm you have read these at the end of the form. To save time when filling out the form you should have the following details to hand:

  • Your client's policy number
  • Your client's National Insurance Number
  • Your client's address and postcode
  • Pre-pot, post-pot, tax free cash and income disinvestment fund details
  • Your client's bank account details

On submission of the form you will recieve an email confirmation and we will be in touch within 10 working days with further information.

Limitations, Assumptions and Confirmation

Taking responsibility

You confirm that this client has been provided with financial advice, including a personal recommendation for this transaction and investment choice.  By completing the online request you are confirming that you are taking responsibility for submitting this piece of business for the client.

Bank details

By confirming the new bank details you have seen documentation at a one to one meeting with your client to verify this is an account in your clients name.  We may ask for sight of this at any time in the future.

Disinvestment and investment

By selecting proportionately we will move a proportion of every investment from the ‘pre’ to the ‘post’ part of the plan and will cancel units proportionately from every SLIP fund that is moving for the tax free lump sum and/or income.

By selecting no to proportionately we will target the fund(s) listed in the pre-pot disinvestment to move out of pre pension, the fund(s) listed in the post-pot investment will be moved into post pension (*), the fund(s) listed in TFLS disinvestment will be targeted to disinvest to pay the TFLS (**).

SIPP bank account

You need to ensure your client keeps sufficient funds in the SIPP Bank Account to meet expected payments and to cover 12 months of income and charges, including any adviser charges. It is important that arrangements are made to top up the money in the SIPP Bank Account by selling investments if this is going to be necessary.

Recycling declaration

You are confirming that any past, or any future contributions, from any source, to any of your client's pension plans, will not be significantly greater due to your client receiving this tax free lump sum.

Lifetime allowance

You are confirming that if Full or Phased drawdown has been chosen, you are declaring that the answers to the lifetime allowance questions are correct.