Reports, bonuses and other information

Here you'll find our most recent annual reports to with profits policyholders, quarterly investment reports and bonus information, as well as current and historic regular bonus rates.

Annual reports

To see how we have managed our UK with profits business please read our latest annual reports to UK with profits policyholders, and the statement from the With Profits Actuary attached to each report:

Latest quarterly investment reports

For up-to-date and historical information on the asset mixes and investment performance of our with profits funds:

With profits unit prices

We don’t publish unit prices for any of our with profits funds. On its own, the price is unlikely to provide a full and fair view of what a with profits investment is worth. This is because of the effects on plan values of any

  • smoothing,
  • inherited estate top-up,
  • final bonus, or
  • unit price reduction.

These vary from one plan to another depending on when payments were made.

For information about smoothing, inherited estate, final bonus and unit price reductions see our Understanding With Profits guides.

Other useful information about with profits

Heritage With Profits Fund Inherited Estate.

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