Active Money Personal Pension

Active Money Personal Pension

Why choose an Active Money Personal Pension?

Forget about the traditional idea of a pension - where you don't have any flexibility. With the Active Money Personal Pension (AMPP), you can take control of your investment. Don’t just take our word for it, Standard Life were Money Marketing's Best Retirement Solutions Provider 2012.

  • Make single, yearly or monthly payments into your plan
  • You can easily upgrade to a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) to widen your investment options
  • Change, stop and restart your payments
  • Take control and manage your pension online

Pension Planner

Try the easy to use online Pension Planner.


  • Save monthly from £80 with basic rate tax relief on top
  • Deposit one-off payments of at least £800 with basic rate tax relief on top at any time
  • Transfer funds from another pension (minimum value £1,000), making it easier to see everything in one place
  • Once you’ve set up regular payments, save when you like, whatever you like (subject to minimum payments and HM Revenue & Customs limits) – making ad hoc payments into your plan of any amount
  • Manage your plan online with help at the end of the phone if you need it
  • AMPP is part of our Active Money Lifeplan – so it’s easy to upgrade to an award winning Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) whenever you're ready. This gives you more investment and retirement options. Charges may apply and subject to terms and conditions.

At retirement options

  • Take up to 25% as a tax free lump sum with a guaranteed income (known as an annuity) for the rest of your life
  • This annuity can be built to suit your individual needs such as providing an income for a partner or how often you want to receive it. You don’t have to buy your annuity from us. You can shop around to see if you can get more income. This is known as the open market option.
  • If you upgrade your AMPP into the Active Money SIPP before retirement, you will have access to our most flexible range of retirement options including Income Drawdown. This is subject to terms and conditions. Charges may apply

Investment returns

Investment returns aren’t guaranteed. The value of your investment can go up or down and may be worth less than what was paid in.

Valuable tax relief

  • If you’re a basic-rate taxpayer, the government gives you 20% tax relief on your pension payments topping up your savings for you
  • The good news is that you don’t have to do anything – we’ll claim the tax relief for you and automatically add it to your plan. That’s definitely something worth having

How your savings are boosted by basic rate tax relief
You invest Tax relief adds
Your pension gets
£80 £20 £100
£200 £50 £250
£300 £75 £375

  • If you pay by salary exchange you don’t get tax relief this way. However you do save tax on the salary you have given up
  • If you're a higher or additional rate taxpayer, you will qualify for extra tax relief (subject to limits). You can claim any additional tax relief through your tax return

HM Revenue & Customs

Personal payments into pensions only attract tax relief if they are within 100% of relevant UK earnings for the tax year concerned (or £3,600 if greater). Tax charges may apply if you exceed the Annual allowance. Further information regarding Annual allowance and Lifetime allowance is available in the Information about tax relief limits and your pension document (PDF, 136kb).

Laws and tax rules may change in the future. The information here is based on our understanding in September 2012. Your personal circumstances also have an impact on tax treatment.

Risks and limitations

  • The normal minimum pension age is 55. However retirement benefits may be payable before age 55 on the grounds of ill-health
  • Transferring may not be suitable for everyone. If you’re transferring benefits from another scheme, there is no guarantee that what you’ll get back from your plan will be higher. You may be also giving up rights in the other pensions scheme that you’ll not have with your plan
  • As with any investment the value of your fund can go up or down and may be worth less than what was paid in
  • For full details of risks and limitations, see Key Features (PDF, 237kb) document


Payment levels

Monthly One-off and annual payments
Minimum payment £80.
Minimum payment £800.


Other eligibility criteria

  • You must be under age 75
  • You must be a UK resident
  • A UK bank account must be used for any regular payments

Investment choice

AMPP offers over 200 funds* for you to choose from. However, choosing where to invest can be daunting, so to make this easier, we have come up with two options.

Option 1: Looking for a simple option?

Our five MyFolio Managed Strategic Lifestyle Profiles are specifically designed for customers who are looking to invest money for their retirement.

You can invest in MyFolio Managed Strategic Lifestyle Profiles at any time, whether you’re a long way from retirement or are getting closer to it. If you have a long time to go, the profiles will invest in funds that offer growth potential over the long term. As you get closer to retirement, they will automatically switch your investment into funds which are better aligned to your retirement income goals, e.g. taking a tax-free lump sum and buying an annuity with the remainder.

One of the features of our strategic lifestyle profiles is that as you get closer to retirement, we can change the mix of funds within them as necessary to make sure they remain appropriate to meet your needs. We also have the flexibility to decide when is the best time to move investments in and out of each stage.

Considering risk

Everyone has different views on how much risk they’re prepared to take with their investments. So each of the five MyFolio Managed Strategic Lifestyle Profiles is designed to match a different attitude to risk - I being lower risk and V being higher risk. 

Use Oxford Risk’s risk questionnaire to learn more about your attitude to investment risk. 

As well as considering your attitude to investment risk, you should also consider how much risk you're able to take with your investments, bearing in mind your other financial commitments and personal circumstances.

How the MyFolio Managed Strategic Lifestyle Profiles work

The graphs illustrate how the funds you invest in through your chosen profile will change during the years before your selected retirement date.

Strategic Lifestyle MyFolio Managed I (S1MA)

Strategic Lifestyle MyFolio Managed 1

Strategic Lifestyle MyFolio Managed II (S2MA)

Strategic Lifestyle MyFolio Managed 2

Strategic Lifestyle MyFolio Managed III (S3MA)

Strategic Lifestyle MyFolio Managed 3

Strategic Lifestyle MyFolio Managed IV (S4MA)

Strategic Lifestyle MyFolio Managed 4

Strategic Lifestyle MyFolio Managed V (S5MA)

Strategic Lifestyle MyFolio Managed 5

About the MyFolio Managed Funds

The MyFolio Managed Strategic Lifestyle Profiles are based on our range of MyFolio Managed Funds. These funds are expertly managed by Standard Life Investments with the aim of maximising potential returns for their given level of risk over the longer term. They invest in a diverse range of assets and investment strategies (including equities, bonds, property and absolute returns) mainly through other actively managed Standard Life Investments funds.

  • For more information about the underlying MyFolio Managed Funds, see our MyFolio Funds customer guide. This guide also has details of the other MyFolio Funds we offer
  • View the latest fund fact sheets for the MyFolio Managed Funds and the other funds which the MyFolio Managed Strategic Lifestyle Profiles invest in.

Option 2: Comfortable choosing your own funds?

With the Active Money Personal Pension it’s easy. We have over 200 funds* from established fund managers to choose from. These cover a wide range of asset classes, regions and investment styles.

*As at November 2012.

Points to be aware of

  • As with any investment, the value of your investment choice can go up or down, and may be worth less than you paid in
  • Generally, the higher the risk level of your investment choice the greater the potential return, and the lower the risk level the lower the potential return. However, even the lowest risk investment choice can still fall in value
  • Strategic lifestyle profiles may not be suitable for everyone. For example they may not be suitable if you aren’t considering buying an income in retirement (called an annuity), or if you’re considering buying an annuity which varies each year at a rate linked to inflation, or if you don’t intend to retire at your selected retirement date
  • If you choose a strategic lifestyle profile, you can only combine this with the Trustee Cash Account. You can’t invest in any other funds
  • Before you choose an investment option, make sure you understand its aims and risks.


Charges on our selected range

There are three charges on our selected range:

Fund management charge

The fund management charge is set at an annual percentage of the value of your funds. This is a charge for the management of the funds. We deduct this charge daily before we set the fund price.

Additional expenses

Additional expenses such as depositary’s, registrar’s, auditor’s and regulator’s fees are deducted from the funds. The additional expenses also include the cost of managing the underlying funds. These expenses have been taken into account in the calculation of the unit price.

Service charge

If buying direct from Standard Life a service charge will apply.  If you are using a Financial Adviser the service charge will not apply but adviser charging may be applicable. This charge relates to the distribution costs of the pension itself. It is taken to cover our costs for making this pension available online and providing telephone support. This is set as an annual percentage of the value of your funds (applied monthly) and is deducted from your investment.

Charges As at November
MyFolio Managed I Fund MyFolio Managed II Fund MyFolio Managed III Fund MyFolio Managed IV Fund MyFolio Managed V Fund
Fund management charge 0.80% 0.80% 0.80% 0.80% 0.80%
Additional expenses 0.40% 0.45% 0.50% 0.55% 0.60%
Service charge 0.10%-0.20%* 0.10%-0.20%* 0.10%-0.20%* 0.10%-0.20%* 0.10%-0.20%*
Current maximum total charge 1.40% 1.45% 1.50% 1.55% 1.60%

*Tiered charge from
<£250k = 0.20%
£250k - £499,999 = 0.15%
£500k or more = 0.10%

Charges are regularly reviewed and may be increased to reflect increases in overall costs and/or changes in the assumptions made. Any increases in charges will not increase Standard Life’s profit margins above reasonable levels.

MyFolio Managed Strategic Lifestyle Profile charges

The charges when using the MyFolio Managed Strategic Lifestyle Profile range reflect the charges of the underlying funds in which you're invested at any point. You'll pay for each fund within the profile separately in the proportion you're invested.

As at November 2012 the fund management charge for both the Standard Life Strategic Pre Retirement Pension Fund and Standard Life Strategic At Retirement Pension Fund is 1.00%, and both of these funds have additional expenses of 0.01%. The service charge will also apply to these funds.

We regularly review our charges and may alter them to reflect changes in our overall costs, or assumptions. Any increases will be fair and reasonable.

Charges on our full fund range

The charges on individual funds vary. There is a fund filter tool you can use if you apply for an AMPP, which will let you see these charges. The service charge will also apply to these funds.


How does tax relief on pensions work?

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