Managing your pension

Manage your pension the way you want

With Standard Life, you decide how far you get involved with your pension. Online access puts all your plan details at your fingertips. Daily fund prices will help you to track your plan's performance. While options to automate some aspects of your pension let you take a step back. You should still regularly review your investments.

Secure online access

Make changes and see how your pension’s doing whenever you like. Register for our online services, and you’ll be able to:

  • see how much your pension is worth now, and what it could add up to at retirement
  • check how individual funds are performing
  • change the funds you’re investing in
  • update your details
  • view your past payments

Take control of your pension and look forward to your future with confidence. Register now.

Or call us on 0845 6060 098 (call charges will vary). We’ll run through your security questions, then we could send you a text so you can get online in minutes.

Up to date fund information

Want to keep a close eye on how your funds are performing? We update our fund prices every day online. You can also find out more about each fund from our downloadable factsheets.

Keeping on track

If you want to make sure your pension keeps pace with the cost of living, you should think about increasing your payments regularly. Some types of pension have an option where your payments increase automatically each year by a fixed amount.

Find out more by speaking to us or contact your financial adviser.

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Make a pension payment online

You can now make a one-off payment by debit card to many of our pension products using our secure online service.