Get the most from your personal pension

Combining your pensions

There are many benefits to combining your pensions, fewer charges for example. But it's not always the best option.


Reviewing your pension

If you don’t know how your pension’s doing, you can’t know what your future will look like. Find out how to keep your plans on track.


Keep in control of your pension

Secure online access to your plan details, daily updated fund prices and a choice of automatic changes mean you manage your Standard Life pension the way you want.

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Boosting your pension

A few smart choices now could see your pension providing a much higher level of income when you retire. Find out how you can make your pension work harder.


Fund prices and news

Keep track of your investment funds, with up-to-date prices and all the latest news.


How does tax relief on pensions work?

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Make a pension payment online

You can now make a one-off payment by debit card to many of our pension products using our secure online service.