MyFolio Managed Funds explained

Bambos Hambi, who heads the team which manages the MyFolio Managed Funds, explains what makes them such an innovative choice.

Bambos Hambi

MyFolio in focus

Why are MyFolio Managed Funds proving popular with investors?

"They’re simple to understand, they’re managed by experts with many years' experience and…they make it simple for you to invest in line with your attitude to risk."


So what do the five funds portfolios invest in?

"We invest across the full range of asset classes - such as bonds, stocks and shares and property. Each portfolio’s asset allocation differs according to its risk rating - ie MyFolio Managed I (lower risk) will be different from MyFolio Managed V (high risk)."


What’s the main benefit of this?

"By investing across the full range of asset classes, MyFolio Funds spread the risk."


Who oversees fund choice and fund management?

"I play a very hands on role in choosing and managing the funds - and I personally monitor the risk levels of each of the five portfolios on a daily basis. I’m also backed by the expert fund managers at Standard Life Investments. They continually monitor and rebalance all funds to make sure they remain in line with their original risk rating. There’s also a team of Standard Life’s economists who are constantly looking for opportunities in the market."


How do I know if this a suitable investment choice for me?  

"Investing by risk through the MyFolio Managed Funds suits long-term investors because you’re able to adapt as you get older. When you’re young you might want to choose the higher risk MyFolio Managed V for maximum return. But as you get nearer retirement you might want to reduce volatility by moving your investment to a MyFolio portfolio with a lower risk rating."


Lastly, why should I invest my money with you in particular?

"I’ve been managing investments for a long time. Before working with Standard Life I managed over £1bn with Rothschild and then went on to manage £500m worth of investments with Gartmore. But this is my best role yet and I believe this is the best fund range I’ve ever managed."

Have a look at our MyFolio Managed Funds guide (PDF, 700kb) for more information on the funds.

As with any investment the value of your fund can go up or down and may be worth less than what was paid in.

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