Pension reform

A quick guide to workplace pension reform and auto-enrolment

Since October 2012, all employers have to automatically enrol eligible employees into a company pension scheme that meets certain standards. The date your employer has to start doing this depends on how many employees they have.
You can watch our short video or read the answers to our frequently asked questions,which should help you feel more informed about the coming change.
If you have further questions about how this change is being introduced into your workplace and how it specifically impacts you, you should speak to your employer.

Auto-enrolment Video

Why is this happening?

When will it happen?

How will it affect me?

What are the quality standards for pensions set by the government?

Am I eligible?

What if I’m not eligible?

What will it cost me?

Will my employer have to contribute to my pension?

What if I already have a pension?

What if I don’t want to join my company pension scheme?

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