MyFolio Managed Funds overview

Simplify your fund choice with our MyFolio Managed funds from Standard Life Investments

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MyFolio Managed Funds Overview

Why choose the MyFolio Managed Funds?

Our MyFolio Managed range makes investing in funds simple - all you have to do is choose the fund which most closely matches your attitude to risk.

The funds can invest in a wide range of different asset classes and investment strategies, which can help spread risk. They are also monitored, reviewed and actively managed by a team of experts at Standard Life Investments, so you don't need to make decisions on an ongoing basis.

Simplify your fund choice

  • You can choose from five options, each with a different level of risk - from lower to higher risk
  • You don't need to be an investment expert. Simply pick the option that most closely matches your attitude to risk
  • Each fund is designed to maximise returns for its given level of risk

Balance risk and reward

  • You can choose the fund that most closely matches your attitude to risk now. But you can also change your fund choice if your attitude to risk changes in the future
  • The MyFolio Managed I Fund is at the lower end of the risk scale, while the MyFolio Managed V Fund is at the higher end
  • Once you've selected the fund that most closely matches your attitude to risk, an expert team at Standard Life Investments will then make sure it maintains an appropriate level of risk and mix of investments
  • Remember, as with any investment, the value of your fund can go up or down, and may be worth less than you paid in
  • To help you choose new funds or review existing fund selections, look at the fund factsheets and unit prices


Spread your risk

MyFolio Managed Funds invest in a broad range of asset classes and investment strategies, including equities, bonds, property and absolute returns. This diversification helps to spread risk as different types of investment tend to perform differently in different market conditions.

MyFolio Managed Funds video

Watch our MyFolio Managed Funds video for more information about how they work.

Read the guide

Read our easy-to-understand MyFolio Managed Funds guide - either view it online or print out a copy.


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